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Your Favorite Geocaches


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Well, this might be a retread thread, but anyhoo...


The Orc's Treasure



have fun hiking & spelunking deep underground in Rochester!


Subway Cache



more fun exploring the deep underground ruins of the Old Rochester Subway!


Chimney Mountain Cache



hike to the very top of the Adirondacks and then explore one of New York's largest "non-touristy-type" as-yet-still-uncharted caves!


All 3 are rather tough and we would highly suggest using the "Buddy System".

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If you ever get to the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border of the Delaware Water Gap you truly should plan to visit any number of Trail Hound's Caches. :wub:


This person is truly inspiring... creative and did I say a Genius?


I'm a relatively new Geocacher, but I must have stepped in "Gold". :anicute:


Here's a link to all of the Caches!



Trailhound's Caches

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If you are ever in the Seattle area... I suggest one of my favorites.. "Something Nice on Queen Anne".. it is a multi.. but a great & certainly clever multi. The other series I might suggest in this area is the "Totally Tubular" series. These caches not only test your abililty to find them but also your cleverness in opening them!!! Have a great time!!! frogwash....

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