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John Stead


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Don't believe a word of it!

He's not nice... he isn't seventy... I bet he's not much more than fifty if the truth be told!!!!

I demand a recount on his finds!!!!

Well I'm just a bit miffed that he arranged this combined 70th Birthday/1000 Finds/new cache whilst I'm out of the country......

Now that I've calmed down I s'pose I could say....


Grifin ASAP? Andy's buying apparently :huh:



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Well thank you everyone for your kind words - even Keith's recurring decimals, you'd think I was a numbers man. :(

And what a way to advertise a cache, get a reviewer to do it for you! Just because I had a pint at the Griffin last night does not mean I am not ready for another. :cry:

See you all again soon and thanks again! :cry:

John (now a day older!) :sad:

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