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Wanted: Geocoin purchasing information


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I'm looking for someone who may be able to help in finding a retailer that sells geocoins. I live near Toronto, Canada and am willing to travel in order to find some.


Note: I would like to avoid interet transactions if at all possible

I am new here but most transaction appear to be over the net. Either in this forum or ebay. Why not internet sales? You may be able to pick some up at an event in your area if there is one.

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I'm looking for someone who may be able to help in finding a retailer that sells geocoins.



With many coins being made in quantities of 250 (or even less), and a majority selling out in hours or days, I think it is very unlikely that you will ever see many geocoins in a physical store


Even the state coins that were made in the 1,000 quantity range are too few and sell too quickly online for there to be any stock to distribute to a brick-and-mortar retailing network


There are several large coin shops in my area, and I have never seen a geocoin at any of them

On rare occasions there will be a military challenge coin or few

One of the stores has a lot of subway tokens, casino coins/chips, promotional coins, local/regional commerative coins, etc - but that is about it it, in my experience

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