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Help placing cache in a mining area - Michigan

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Cornwall is an area of the United Kingdom with a very historic and well known mining industry. When the mines here were closing many of the miners emigrated overseas where their hard rock mining skills were very much valued.


A group of cachers in Cornwall are shortly issuing a Cornish Geocoin and as part of that I'm trying to arrange to set up a series of caches in areas that our Cornish Miners emigrated to.


I already have plans made for Canada and Australia but would like to include a mine in the USA too.

Many Cornish miners came to work in the Mines in Michigan.


I'm looking for someone who could place a cache, containing a Geocoin (That we would provide) in a area with a Cornish connection.


If any one would be interested in help Please contact me through my Geocaching profile...


Many thanks



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Right next to the MiGO LOWER forums. Just kidding!!!! UP stands for upper penisula (I'm not any better at spelling this than Rusty was).


To access the Michigan Geocaching MiGO forums you will have to become a member I believe, but the good news is it free.


Here is the front page of the MiGO web site http://www.mi-geocaching.org/


Good luck



AKA: DeRock & the Psychic Cacher - Grattan MI

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There is already a cache at the Cornish Pump & Mining Museum in Iron Mountain. Cornish Pump(GCG806)


Although it IS a micro, so it might not work for your plans.


Oh a micro won't work...


I've had three offers now to hide caches and I hate having to decide, but i have... So watch out for a new cache.. maybe on St Pirans Day!? (waits for everyone to Google that)


Thanks for all your help fellow cachers.... Do you all eat Pastys up in the UP?

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