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Dreamcatcher Coin Set [Pre-sales]


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Tracking this coin now...lets see,

Mailed January 4th, Today is January 12 = 8 days, still no coin


From Denver to Northern Manitoba...still within the time frame, No panic but is sure interesting knowing how the two postal systems seem to work against each other. And who said freetrade was going to improve relations.

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Hi Atwells:


I want to tell you that I love the one coin I have (Earth). It is the perfect weight for a zipper pull. This past weekend I wore it to an event at let people discover it. That was fun. I would love to purchase a couple of the non-trackables now that I have a great use for them! Would you be willing to sell those?




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Still no sign of ours in the mail yet. Since there is a HUGE snowstorm in Ontario, and Quebec today and us folks in the Maritimes are getting it tonight/tomorrow I'm starting to think it wasn't meant to be :laughing:


Can't wait to see them though whenever they show up! Especially can't wait to see "faulty" coin... it'll be a great conversation piece at events!

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Forgot to post here, but some time earlier in the week(last week)I got my coins....they are great! Thanks for such a nice coin and I am sure glad I got them to add to my collection. Oh...and thanks for the extra as well !!!!

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Gues the free extra coins didn't have the intended effect or we didn't sell enough. I saw thse going for 15-35 on ebay.


I am disappointed seeing people sell the trackables and keeping the non-trackables. I was hoping for something better.

We are a caching family of 4, and everybody got to pick which one they wanted to keep for their collection. As for the non-trackable, a new cache was recently placed in our area (Melbourne, FL), and it's located near an old indian burial mound. I left my non-trackable as a really cool trade item for the next cacher! :drama:

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