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Help me with a TB!


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I was on a BSA trip, and put a cache at the Campo railroad museum, on the border. The cache is a coffee can, with some old bones, and a TB in there. Can someone please retrieve the TB for me!!! It has been there ever since the first of October!!!! :ph34r::P:laughing::laughing::P:P


gee, I've placed TB's right here in town and they are still in the same cache - since mid-August!

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Perhaps you need to go back to the cache, or maybe get those cache volunteers who were supposed to maintain the cache for you.


:blink::laughing: That was my thought as well, but I chose not to voice it.

The cacher is in grade school; cut him some slack. I know you didn't know that, but if you stick to the age-old saying, "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it" ...

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Not Bush Whack, my other cache Can of Campo. I live 45+miles from that cache, i'm just asking for anyhelp near my cache

I am a scouter also and when you get it you should take it to Nevada I had just placed a travel bug and it was gone to california in 2 HOURS!!! Take it to sparks I'll take it

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I'm sorry, but I think this may fall under the issue of not being able to properly maintain the cache... according to the cache page there are NOT any volunteers that had already agreed to maintain the cache.


I know there are cachers who can maintain caches 100+ miles from home, but if you can't make the effort to retrieve and move your own travel bug from your cache, will you make the effort to go and replace a wet log book or destroyed coffee can?


You may keep your nearby caches in good order, so this isn't about your ability to maintain a cache in general, just this specific cache.

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What I love about the San Diego Caching Community is that we respect each other and do what we can to help each other out. I could have easily been the person asking for someone to check on a cache if they were in the area.

I'm not surprised to see that the negative posts on this thread come from outside of San Diego County.

This is a time of year where we would like to think that people are a bit kinder and more thoughtful of their fellow man. So lets give up that self righteous attitude. If you have nothing positive to add to a thread just hold your tongue.

I for one am excited to have a new (seventh grade) Geocacher and I bet that someone will get out to Campo to move his bug along soon.

Merry Christmas!

Jeff / drexotic

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