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Geocaching Around the Planet


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Yes, I know, it's a crazy project, but here I go anyway :


I will issue a Geocoin for each country where I have found or placed a cache, and I intend to visit all 192 of them. You will find all the details about this project on my website :




I need help from all of you geocachers for the following things :


- Let me know which are the best geocaches in your country

- Suggest a topic for the geocoin for your country

- Provide names of local artists who could design the geocoin for your country in this series


By the way, the first Geocoin in the series is ready for presale. The first country I visited for this project is China : so if you want to get this Limited Edition coin, get it now at




And let me know what you think. This is only the beginning... All suggestions welcome !



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Really cool Idea, I am from Canada but an on vacation in India right now. There are not very many caches in India and very few seem to be still there. I did the one in Agra and is memorable because of the fact you can combine this with a visit to the Taj and other sights like Akbers fort. And I think there are some still there up by Sikkim area but I was nowhere near there so I cant vouch for them. If you want to get a lively debate on the best cache in Canada or ideas for your geocoin please post a request in the canada forum.

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