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In the eyes of your average muggle, we must look like a shifty looking bunch

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Is it just me, or do you agree that your average muggle must think we are up to no good.

Ok so those of you that have met me might say it’s just me looking like a thug that’s the problem :)

but on more than one occasion (yesterday being the latest) I have come across people whilst out walking in the woods who distinctly look uneasy as they see you walking towards them.

I guess it’s a sign of the times where by people are naturally cautious of strangers especially if they are walking alone in the woods etc, and if they stumble upon you whilst you are rummaging about in the bushes then I guess I would be suspicious too :)

Then there are the night time caching trips that most of us have done at some time or other. What the hell must they think of us then, wondering around in the middle of nowhere with a torch and bag :D

I hasten to add that if I’m out caching with the whole family then there appears to be no problem it’s just when I’m out alone.

So is it just me or does anyone else think that your average geocacher must be seen as someone that is out there obviously up to no good?

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Carry a Digital camera .


If a muggle looks at you start to photograph trees, branches, "Oh look .. there was a deer over their", birds, wild flowers, spiders webs, rubbish, rusty metal .. you name it there is always something you can point a camera at and "look innocent"




I nearly always have my camera with me :) I have even thought about buying a dog lead to carry in my hand then for all they know the dog is off running around in the woods somewhere :D

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Try to give those muggles a look as though they are the ones acting suspiciously.At least we have a reason to be in the woods...Whats theirs???? :) PS... I have yet to cache in the dark as I'm too scared of..a)getting lost..b)stepping in dog's doodoo..c)I'm a bad enough cacher in the light for goodness sakes! :)

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I nearly always have my camera with me

My usual ploy too...

However nowdays I do have little patience with muggles and bowl in for the search anyway. Providing I don't reveal the actual cache location I find myself caring less and less about what people are thinking I am up to.


Let's face it; a balding pot belly with yellow brick, SLR and cache sheet in hand will gain attention wherever seen!





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I do know what you mean though. We have often commented that we should get a dog so we would have a reason to be walking and not look so odd.


Must say we usually use the kids as an excuse..... Its surprising how often they loose thier football,doll,blanket etc when we have been surprised with our heads in a bush......The camera excuse does work too!

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There are certain caches in central London I have deliberately walked away from without searching because I know what is on the other side of the nearby CCTV cameras and value my current security clearance.

Sadly, I no longer feel the desire to visit London. It sounds like an Orwellian nightmare now! :laughing: I used to enjoy the occasional weekend in the Smoke (or weekday evening when I worked there), but no more...

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ZR7 has done the old 'popping into the bush for a wee' trick a few times. Its surprising how effective it is - I stand nearby looking faintly distracted and he pops out with the cache, having said that im less inclined to care than him. On the occasions when its been muggle central and he is debating coming back later I tend to retrieve it regardless. Carrying binoculars never hurts either (and I do sometimes really use them LOL)

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I'm past caring what people think I'm doing. I used to be self-conscious of even taking photo's, Geocaching has cured me of all that! If I'm in a bad mood (= can't find the cache after 10 minutes!) then I just totally ignore anyone that happens to come along. If I'm in a good mood (= found the cache!) then I will often acknowledge that a muggle is there and say "Good morning" or "Nice weather, isn't it?". That usually gets rid of the "he's a weirdo" syndrome. I the case where I do ignore muggles, that works too, because "he's a weirdo" means they don't hang around too long :laughing:

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