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The New Numbers Game


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i would like to know who really has the most posts. should off-topic posts be counted?


if you look at total pages of posts, brian has 836. teamgpsaxophone has 916. i have 1307 and that doesn't count an entire cheers thread that imploded. that's another 1200 or so posts.


who is the biggest blowhard in the forums? :laughing:

I've never doubted .. ouch! there goes another one. ... your claim to the title, Upe.

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and here is the post... preserved for all posterity:

I am an owner of 30 caches or will be 30 quick. Anyway, I think of it this way. If someone took enough time and gas to get there, I don't care how they find the cache. CALL THE HELP LINE. Most local cacher have my phone # and I will tell them where to look. I like to FIND the cache. The game is the game that you make. If you want to spend 3 days looking for it with no hints then go for it. I don't like to critisize someone for callling the help line or reading the hint befor they make the trip. ITS UP TO THEM. I have called fellow cachers and said whats up with this cache. I spend 30 min looking for it and believe I looked everywhere, then I call. What happenes if it was Muggled or Cords are way off. Some people hate to put DNF's and won't. If someone cant' find one of mine, GIVE ME A RING. I will give you as much info about the cache as you want.


I agree - to a point. I place my caches to be found and hope that someone who is stumped can would call a previous finder or me for help. That said, there are some people who put a lot of effort into "clever" hides or ingeniously camoflaged containers and intentionally make their caches a challenge. I'm not sure all of them appreciate someone giving out their secrets.

Cool. ;)

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Briansnat and his post record were brought up in a differant thread, but I thought it deserved its own.


Have you all noticed that he is only 15 posts away from hitting 20,000!!! I think that is worth celebrating. Hopefully that milestone can happen here in this thread.


I'm not so sure that a life that is so pathetically empty and devoid of other diversions, interests and pursuits, that I have nothing better to do than post thousands of times on a silly Internet bulletin board is something worth celebrating. ;)

But you'll always have Torry...



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