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Top 10 Cape Town caches

Peter Scholtz
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I'd love to see a Peter Scholtz log on one of my caches, but there are so many other worthy caches that I won't nominate my own caches. Feel free to find one of mine though, they are normally easy strolls to 'easy' finds.


My picks:


Training - Really nice cache box to find.


Hoerikwaggo - Great stroll on the mountain by the sea. No math required!


Old Radar - Excellent hike with the option of finding two other caches en route.


So Many Shops - Ah, shucks, I have had fun with this cache and it hasn't been found in a while either.


Those are my quick suggestions. Hope they help and look forward to meeting you some time soon.



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I think that this is an interesting topic and seems to be brought up each time people travel to a different area. Maybe each city should compile a list of top ten caches, so that visitors don’t need to always ask what the best caches are to do.

I think it would be nice for the overseas people also to know what caches are best to do in that town. It can be updated on a yearly basis so that any exciting new caches can be added.

So for Cape Town I think it would be great to do a list for all visitors coming here for the festive season and any new comers. I do however think that choosing a top ten will be difficult, so maybe a top ten in a couple of categories.

As a tourist they might want a top ten scenic caches where we can have caches such as Sailors Star - GCVDHN and Gorgeous Views - GCWM94. But then there are those interesting caches that don’t have great views but are cleverly hidden or have interesting stories like Botriver Stone Hinge - GCX0FW and History Lesson "Hier kom die Alabama"- GCYCMW

If you are interested in this idea drop me an email with your top caches and if there are any other top ten categories there should be. Also give the cache an average time so that visitors know that it should take 5 minutes or 55 minutes. I will then take the most voted for and put them in a list of no particular order of top 10.

Also I think that our top ten lists should be between 100 and 120 km from Cape Town central.

If there is any other suggestions or comments please feel free to let me know.


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Yes, Fish Eagles Bookmarks were great while visiting Mpumalanga.

I'm not so sure that that would really work in Cape Town, except perhaps for ones like Hermanus, west coast etc.

I think other categories, should be:

Best Hikes

Best drive bys

Caches with a difference (Such as Up up and away, Wipeout etc)

Best historical interest

Best hidden/interesting container (any of John Gills)

Best Multi


Maybe we should have an event cache and all get together to discuss the list :huh:

John-gill, where do you plan to keep the list?


And Peter, as for you, you live here, so why not do them all :huh:

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Agree with Discombob that Fish Eagles Bookmarks are great, but I did not know about them and I am not sure visitors will know about them either. They are also what Fish Eagle thought was the best caches.

What I was looking at was a topic on the forum that shows anyone coming to Cape Town what the best caches are to do. This list would be voted on by all the caching community and not just one persons list.

As for the list of categories, I think those are great, Discombob. But as for the event cache I am not sure that, I have the time at the moment. But if we get all the cache categories sorted out , we could have an event cache and everyone could bring their lists.

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