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Custom Waypoint Symbols

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I'm trying to make a few custom waypoint symbols for use on my Map76CS and a Map 76CSx.

I wanted to start with something DB simple like a Yellow dot and a Red dot about the size of my standard City Medium icon.

After several failures, I read in the xImage help files that you cant change the size, pallet, or color depth. If you do they won't reload to the unit. That is the problem I'm having !

How can you make the standard blue custom symbol into something else if you can't change any features???


With xImage I import Waypoint Symbol 000.BMP (thru 023).

I select one of them and open that image with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

It's a 16X16 image--Blue dot with a fuchia (transparent color) background

I make a yellow dot barely smaller than, and center it inside of, the blue one. I don't mess with the background.

Save the file as Waypoint Symbol 001.BMP

xImage won't send it back to the unit and gives me an error message about not being compatible.


What am I doing wrong? I'm about to get a complex!


What I'm shooting for is to have several different custom icon files to display symbols differently for different Custom POI files. If I make a copy of the different BMP files and name them the same as the POI data files, and place them in the data files,that should display different icons for different "classes" of POI's won't it?

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You might find this guide handy:


Custom Symbols on a Garmin GPSr


You might be specifically interested in the last paragraph of the "Advanced Symbol Usage" section:

Creating your own symbols:

Symbols simply need to be a 16x16 image. However, they must be saved as a 256 color Bitmap. Using MS Paint will work fine, but I used Photoshop.

To make the background transparent when on the GPSr, the background must be magenta.


Here is the original thread

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