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Cache where steam engine fell down a ravine


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I may have asked about this before, so forgive me if this is a rerun.


I seem to recall seeing a geocache where there was an old steam train lying headlong into the brush where it fell years and years ago. Does this ring a bell? Can anyone point me to that cache?







P.S. Four of my geocaches turned five years old last month. Isn't that cool? I remember when I placed my first one (Cul de Cache; still around) and hoped that it would be active years later. Lo and behold, it is.

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Are you thinking of Ring of Fire by Ironman114?


It might be. It's certainly a wrecked train in WA!


I was thinking that there was one that was an older cache, with the steam engine not lying in a river. But maybe I am imaging it. I think that UWDawg may have logged it. I should check his gallery.


Thanks, Criminal.



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