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Spokane Caching Volunteers Needed


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Yeah, I'll be there after I get off work each day. prolly showing up @10-11. Assuming I don't have to fly.


The Steaks


I'm in too. Will work on actually attending part of the conference for work... and then could volunteer some time around that :huh:


I can help too! (but won't be available at all on Tuesday)


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Check the schedule page on the Wiki and sign up. Glenn updated the times that the booth is open. We need volunteers for Wednesday AM thru Friday AM. Two and a half days instead of four, whew!!! We really need at least 3+ people at all times at the booth, so sign up for as much as you can.


I think we will need more help, so if any of you knows anyone, that you think might be interested please let them know!

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OK, silly question... I am actually interested in attending a session (Wed eve workshop) -any chance I might be able to have the workshop fee waived for volunteering at the geocaching booth for 4+ hours? I am grant funded with my work and extra expenses are challenging to justify sometimes... just thought I'd ask :P



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Wow! What a fun time teaching teachers, seeing them get excited about learning to navigate with a new toy (GPSr) and watching the thrill of it all as they found their first cache! They were then on their own to navigate around our beautiful Riverfront Park, learn a little history, do a little CITO, and find the many hidded caches on their "mission".


When I first signed up to volunteer at the NCCE Geocaching booth, I had no idea what I was getting into. It turned out to be much more than I ever expected. Not only was the experience of educating the educators about GPS navigation a reward, but working alongside a great group of local volunteers who love the sport of geocaching could not have been any better. In fact, I enjoyed myself so much, I came back a second day to volunteer. I also stayed to help present the big grand prize drawing, GPS reciever, at the end of the conference. But before that, we had the added bonus of getting to listen to the closing guest speaker, Will Richardson, talk on education and the internet. His talk was excellent and the entire experience was absolutely awesome!


Thanks Glenn, for bringing this to Spokane and to Brad and Jim for all your hard work getting it going!

Thanks Shawna for donating Geocaching.com T-shirts, stickers, etc for the event too.


Also, a BIG Congrats to Glenn for being honored with The President's award at the end of the conference! Well-done!!! :rolleyes:

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