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Saskatoon - recommended caches?

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Well here are a few..... on the west side of the river....

GCA71B - this is a quick easy find... right down town.. virtual BM plate

GCT80P - another quick one... fairly easy... watch 4 muggles though

GCQYHZ - fairly easy... trail to the cache... a bit of bush

GCX2M7 - easy multi... but a long trip... 8 or 10 points really cool idea

GCTBQH - a bit of a climb involved... but easy... need to park north of the cache

East Side of river

GCK8FJ - fairly easy... along trails

GC13E4 - another easy one... same trails

GCX504 - another quick one... same trails... a bit of a climb

south east

GCR07C - fairly easy

GCV3GN - ||

GCX13P - ||

GCR3EG - ||

GCNFW7 - ||


Anymore... or if you need help w/ one ... just let me k now.

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