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Garmin 60CSx and Lithium batteries

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You need to run them in another device for a few minutes first, then they will work.


In the future, you might want to try searching the forums first. There are a lot of posts on this subject already.


Thanks....any idea why this is the case? Also, do you need to change the battery type setting before putting them in or after?


I don't guess I know how to use the search well. I couldn't seem to find any posts on the subject. I'll keep trying. Thanks for yoru patience. :laughing:

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Lithiums are a bit too powerfull when fresh, so the unit shuts off to protect itself. I found that a few minutes in a flashlight is not enough, so I ran the for awhile in my camera and then they work fine. Also if you only run them down a bit, and then let them set before using them in the GPS they tend to pick up full strength again.


On the setting, before or after, I'm not sure myself yet.

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I believe that the battery setting on the GPSr is merely an algorithm so that the battery meter reflects the remaining capacity more accurately (I stand to be corrected by the more experienced users). If I am right, selecting the setting before or after battery installation will not matter.

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