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F-14 - TomcatATgod’’s personal geocoin

WWC-World's Worst Cacher

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This is TomcatATgod’’s personal geocoin.


He is currently in the military and on deployment in the Middle East. For most of his military career he was an Aviation Electronics Technician on the F-14. He created this design to commemorate the retirement of the F-14 Tomcat by the US Navy. The last flight was this past September.


This is coin is 1.75 inches long and 3.0 mm thick. It is available in two metals: 252 Antique Silver and 252 Antique Copper. The coin is trackable at www.geocaching.com and has a unique f-14 icon.




They will go on sale probably Monday or Tuesday The price will be $7.65 each plus S & H


This is a photo of a sample coin. There have been some minor modifications. Actual photo will be posted before the coin goes up for sale.

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I was just at the Hogwild Store and it now lists this coin as already sold out! :laughing:

Thats not nice :blink:

He said they would probably go on sale on Monday or Tuesday. He's probably just doing what geocoinstore does: gets the page ready and set the inventory count to zero. Then, when everything's ready and coins are in hand, he'll enter the actual inventory, and the coins will be available.


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