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Cache Listed in the Wrong State


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Cheeseheads new stat site brought out a cache that I have looked at ever since seeing it on the stat results and thought "Oh my goodness....why didn't someone catch this sooner"


This is the cache that I will be refering to in this thread!


The issue comes when I searched for the caches that I have found by county, and this cache is the only one that is in an unknown county. I looked into it to see why possibly it is in an unknown county, and I found out that the owner of the cache listed it in the wrong state!


It is supposed to be listed that the cache is in Georgia, but the owner of the cache listed it in Tennessee. Their is no question in my mind that it could be possibly in Tennessee....the cache is .5 miles from the state line. In fact, their was another cache at this same park 50 feet from the one in question that was listed for Georgia.


Is this something that I should contact the owner about and have it changed, or should I just forget about it?


I just thought it was a little interesting that it would be listed in a different state then it really was.


Regardless of what I should do, I know what county it is really in and I will contact Cheeseheads about it to have it changed on the stat site for other users who have this listing on the unknown list.

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I've seen a cache that was precisely located on a state line. THat was the whole point of the cache.

What a great idea. Which cache?


I'd rather not say since it is a puzzle cache. Sorry...

Ah. Is it one of yours? :laughing:


Never mind, you don't have to answer that.


So where do you list it?

Since it's a puzzle cache, I would think the listing state would normally be the state in which the listed coordinates fall. But I suppose that choosing a different state could actually serve as some kind of a hint.

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I've seen a cache that was precisely located on a state line. THat was the whole point of the cache.


So where do you list it?



It looks like you get to choose which state, since this is selected manually when you publish your listing. I presume a reviewer is supposed to catch the "error", not software.


It would be very cool to see a cache located on a state border that moves due to seismic activities. :laughing:

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Okay everyone...this topic is evolving into claims of caches that are being listed in a different state then it really is.


I think at this rate we can rid the world of bogus state claims...Moun10Bike is hard at work fixing the claims :mad:


BTW - I'm shocked at the number of mislisted states....I thought this was impossible to do.

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If the reviewer tends to review for both of the states involved, it is often easy to miss, as the state does not particularly stand out during the review process. The reviewer is more focused on nearby caches, land ownership, etc.


Anyway, feel free to post here or PM me or your local reviewer with any caches that need changing.

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