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A Peek at my Coin Design...


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Oh, No!


I've got the Geocoin Bug!


I started collecting coins almost a Week and 1/2 ago and I've got it bad.

Well, I think so, anway... I've bought over 20 Geocoins... yes, and paid double/triple the price

for a few on Ebay, because I just had to have them! :)


I'm constantly looking for more that might suddenly pop up. (Because we know... when they're gone, they gone... or... they're triple... :tired: )


AND I've already created my own Geocoin with Madhatter...

I hope to get it going soon. :blink:


There may be a few more changes, but I think it's getting there. I hope you like it! :)

Here's a peek of my design:





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I just arrived home from work and just saw the response. Thank you. I must admit I'm shocked.

I was sitting there at work, thinking I was silly for my design.


My Coin probably won't be started until Mid November, so I will get it the end of December or January.

I'll let you know when it's available. Any ideas are appreciated right now in finishing the Design.

I'm thinking of a few small changes.


When I do have my Coins, I will certainly be open to trades.


I agree, I should make a 2nd Color.


I was thinking Teal or Blue.


What is your opinion? Teal or Blue?

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I love it. I'll buy or trade for one of each color/metal. That design would look AWESOME with imitation hard enamel. If you are planning on getting samples delivered to you, you should make sure that some of the samples are imitation hard enamel so you can see the difference.



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Please forgive me, because I am new to the Creating/Minting Process...


But, I've decided I will certainly start a trade list once my Coin is in the works. (Which should be soon.)


I don't want to agree for trades until you actually see Both Finished Pink & Teal Designs.


But, believe me... I can't wait!!! And I love so many of your Personal Coins!!! :mad:


Thanks for liking what I have so far... I really appreciate it! :)

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