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Cat Geocoin Polished Copper Edition


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The coins should me ready in next week and we will start sending them out when they arrive. Thanks!




(That's cat-anese for YAHOO! :D But you knew that already didn't you!! :anibad:B) )


Oh! I just have to share this "funny" cat story...


Yesterday morning I was returning home from taking my wife to work when I looked up ahead of me and saw this Siamese cat come running as fast as it could across the road. I was terrified to see that he was heading directly in front of a car coming from the other direction and was almost sure the poor thing was gonna get hit. I gritted my teeth as the driver slammed on her brakes to miss him. The poor cat probably used up a couple of it's 9 lives at that moment because the squealing of her tires scared the living daylights out of him. (I actually think it didn't realize the car was as close as it was)

If you have cats you know how a cat reacts when it gets scared and tries to defend itself.

It jumps up on it's tip toes and turns sideways to be able to defend itself.


Visualize this now... cat running full speed... gets scared... jumps and turns sideways... cat is airborne "sideways" still carring the momentum of running full speed... when it lands B) (sideways, mind you!) it's claws dug into the grass on the side of the road but it was still moving full speed the direction it was running.

Poor thing just started tumbling!

But his claws was well dug into the first patch of grass that it landed on at the road edge. But, the grass patch was now no longer attached to the ground. In fact, it was part of a fresh laid area of sod grass.

So it basically started rolling around the poor thing as it tumbled :D

The girl that was driving the other car had thought she had hit the cat and jumped out of her car. I stopped and told her she hadn't and got out to check on the cat because I never saw it come out of the now rolled up area of sod grass.

We then heard the cat screaming. (If you've ever heard a Siamese scream you know what I'm taking about! B) ) We walked over to the grass roll and there was a cat head sticking out of the end of the rolled up sod grass just as tight as any egg roll!! B):o

I pushed the grass to unroll it and free the poor kitty from it's predicament.

This was one fiesty kitty!!

As soon as it got loose, it pounced up sideways toward us and gave a couple of those half hiss/half spit sounds and run off!!

We both got a good chuckle and got back in our cars. B)B)


D-man B)

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D-Man, that is hysterical! I'm literally sitting here with tears streaming down my face I'm laughing so hard! I've had cats since about before I can remember, including Siamese, and you've written this so well I can just picture the event. So glad the kitty - and people - are all okay. My 10 cats and I thank you for the entertainment. (we live on a ranch, so it's not as bad as it sounds).

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I can't wait for my coin to arrive. any ideas when the coins to the uk will go out!!


while i'm here i will tell you a story about our cat, Jazz


We live in a flat and have a large window in our office (four flights up) which looks over some great views. Jazz likes to sit on our desk which is next to the window and look out at the birds flying over the river. one day over the summer we had the window open to let a breeze through.

Jazz was sat looking out of the window but must have wanted a better view as she got closer and closer to the open window. she then walked out onto the small ledge on the outside of the window. she walked along a bit, decided there was nothing there she could eat, tried to turn round and couldn't so tried to back up and ended up slipping. luckily she landed on grass and shot into a neighbours. house!! she was totally fine but then sulked for a week at us as if it was our fault! we now keep all the windows closed untill we can find her a parachute! :unsure:

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