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Nano cache log

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Hey folks,

I recently bought one of those nano caches from the Great Plains store, but found out they don't include a log or anything with it. While I'm sure I could experiment with a photoshop document and whatnot and eventually get the width right, I was wondering if someone has a document of pre-aligned, pre-made strips I could cut out.




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I don't have a file handy, but in the past, I've use an Excel worksheet to generate the log sheets. What I did was put "you've found another evil japtk nano" in the first cell and rotate the text vertically. Then, I changed the cell width around until I found an appropriate width. Use the outline feature to have your printer put a border around the columns and you're set. If you really need the file, email me and I'll see what I can come up with.


p.s. don't be surprised if your local cachers start hating you if you flood the area with nanos :blink:

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Thanks for the help. I'll give the Excel sheet idea a try.


I actually don't like nanos myself too much because I have faulty vision and can't find them easily at all, not to mention when you get there it's just a log and nothing else. This is likely going to be the only nano I'm going to place, and I hope to find a place to put it that is more unique and infinitely harder to find than most nanos. Keep an eye on my account for placed caches if you live in the Gaithersburg/Rockville area of Maryland and want to see what I come up with. I probably won't be able to place this for another month or so however.



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