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whats in your geocaching bag ?

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In my Camelbak Mule, I carry:

1. Military compass (for back up purposes)

2. Extra batteries for all my gadgets

3. Chem sticks (to trade or in case of emergency

4. My Leatherman Super Tool

5. Cutter Bug Spray

6. Benedril Pen

7. Mini First Aid Kit

8. Several Pens

9. A small note pad

10. My PDA

11. My cell phone

12. Any trackables that need to be placed

13. Water and more water

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I have a huge caching bag ;) . I've used one of the grocery store canvas bags.

I have sunscreen,

bug repellent,

poison ivy itch relieve,

bug bite itch reliever,

extra pens,

hand sanitizer, magnets,

electrical tape,

cammo rope,

fishing line,

caching notes,


extendable magnet stick thing,

a mirror,

extra batteries,

trashbags for CITO'ing,

extra logs,

potential cache containers,

travel bugs and coins,

a knife,


super glue,

3 different sizes of ziplock bags etc.

I almost always have it in the car w/ me. Just in case i feel the urge to put out a cache or am searching for one B) .

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I carry it all in a neat messenger bag that includes:



Extra Batteries

Pen, Pencil and a Sharpie

TOTT (A mechanics Magnetic tool retrieval Kit and a claw) Saved plenty of "lost" caches

Extra miniature ziploc bags that I bought at a craft store to replace HUGE sandwich bags in micros

trading items (random)

an extra prepared micro and a nano so I can place one in a cool new spot.

extra logs printed out from geocaching university

extra 2x6 color printed geocaching warning info sheets. To place in caches that might need them

green duct tape

My "Movie Location Scout" Business Cards. for random muggles, works really well in L.A.

Tweezers and surgical clamp scissor thingies.

A roll or so of quarters for those hungry meters.



Oh I almost forgot, magical DNF reversing, cache appearing dust for those pesky caches that sometimes seem so hard to find.

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Overkill can be good. :D We carry....


Extra Caches (from just bigger than nano to small)

Extra Logs (in case of wet or full logs)

Enough pencils/pens to supply an art studio

Pack of ZipLock bags (repair/replace/utilize)

Gallon bag of swag



Trekking poles


Munchies (varies on the day)

A couple of knives (one for each party member)


Area Map (if going somewhere we've not been)


Emergency Signal Whistles (the Storm variety...super loud.. use only when necessary!!)

Cell Phones

Extra Batteries w/ fast charger

Printout of caches sought, unless we feel daring, then we cache with only GPS.


First Aid Kit which, though not exhaustive, contains...

Snake Bite kit

Ace Bandages



H2O proof tape

Duct tape

100' rope/parachute cord

Antiseptic (alcohol/peroxide)

Emergency mirror


Space Blankets


blah blah blah...


All contained in split backpacks, just in case of separation. :D


Our dog carries her own backpack/water/food/personal hygeine bags/CITO bags :D


Good stuff.

Happy Caching!

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WOW! That is alot of stuff we carry. So here goes mine.

When I used to carry a backpack:

Main Big pocket carried my binder with all my printouts, a towel, Duct tape, the bigger swag, rain jacket (not a cheapie), and sunscreen.

Next big pocket carried all trade swag (let me tell you...it was A LOT of stuff in there). It inlcuded cheap tools, golf stuff, toys, bath & body stuff, and all kinds of other swag.

The next pocket down about medium sized had spare log book, pens & pencils, sig cards, TBs, toothpicks, chapstick, travel tissues & towels, snacks, tweezers, spare stylus for PDA, micro containers, small bottle of hand sanitizer, and dog biscuits for my dog or dogs I met on the trail.

The little pocket held all the smaller swag like key rings, golf Ts, all kinds of little trinkets.

One side pocket held my orange vest, 6 spare batteries, and headlamp.

The other side pocket usually had the camera in it, more batteries, small note book for me.

The very bottom pocket which was very small held all kinds of ziploc bags and a few maps.

That was one heavy bag and after a 5 mile hike to a cache I down sized.


I now carry a waist pack. At first it had:

Big pocket: toothpicks, chapstick, tissues, towels, sig cards, pens, spare log book, small note book, tweezers, my TB I carry everywhere, my pathtags, hand sanitizer, small thing of sunblock and spare stylus for PDA.

Front pocket just had swag for that cache. Carry a tote in the truck with all my swag in it. Just get stuff out for that cache. 2 pockets for water bottles.


Now the waist pack has toothpicks, chapstick, 1 pen, tweezers, spare stylus, sunblock, the TB, and hand sanitizer all in the front pocket. Big pocket is for swag. One water bottle pocket got sealed up with velcro and is now used for my pathtags.

I have a army tactical vest I wear too. It has my camera, Leatherman Surge, sig cards, 2 pockets for bottles of water or one bottle and other pocket for small swag, and one pocket I use for the GPS.

The vest and waist pack have made a great combo. Working on a way to attach the waist pack to the back of the vest. The vest has 2 clips to hook stuff onto.

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I change bags depending on where we are going but there is a lot of stuff in there! Rain ponchos, tisuues, advil (for the DNF headaches!), baby wipes (we have encountered some sticky caches!) ziploc baggies chock full of swag. A full cache ready to be placed, still looking for the right spot. Some nanos should be in there but are hiding, pens, GPS, usually an SLR camera which means batteries and CF cards to go with. AA batteries for the GPS. MP3 player, cell phone. Printouts for anticipated caches. snacks for me and MissV. a water bottle or two. extra plastic baggies and mini notebooks. There's bandaids in there somewhere too. Of course wallet and house keys and the train schedule if applicable. Oh and a book for reading along the way. I think thats it....nope, now I also take some geocoins and TBs with me too.

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i carry a set of drum sticks for poking around in the woods in places i dont want to put my hands. i get a lot of strange looks but they work! plus theyre fun to play on the dashboard of the "cache mobile" when riding between cache sites!

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Slightly off topic, but I was poking around in my trunk the other day.




propane bottle for portable stove

a shoe

flashlight with dead batteries

cool looking shell

bag containing the other shoe

a book by Melanie Rawn

pair of shorts that have earned the status "rag"

two lawn chairs

two tents

beach umbrella


unopened pack of 4 D cell batteries

two sleeping bags

two sleeping mats

tied shut bag containing bottle of Windex and bone-dry sponge

portable stove

Little Brown Book listing the rules of grammar and writing from a long-ago class

spare tire (I hope)

coffeemaker that plugs into the cigarette lighter

interesting stones from North Carolina

interesting pinecones from Colorado

a pole that looked like it would make a good walking stick at some point

beach bag with stuff




I could go on...

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We carry the usual stuff listed here, but we add a folding cane. Found it for cheap in a church Thrift Store - a good place to find swag too. Folds in 3rds, so less than a foot in length to pack. Great for 1. Looking old and harmless to muggles,

2. for poking into places we don't want to put our hands, and

3. for poking to find a covered "boink!" sound of containers.

4. We've been known to use the "hook" end to snag stuff out of water etc too.

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Hmm. Don't know. I'm afraid to look!


Srsly though:

Some spare Zip Loc bags.

Several tiny bags of sigs items

A bag of nicer swag for trading (Jewelry, mostly)

My journal. (Never go anywhere without it!)


2 different knives

Pens & a pencil

Some spare log sheets


Spongebob (You heard me. :laughing: )

Deep Woods OFF

And several dried leaves and twigs that I've collected crawling through brush!

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Off the top of my head w/o looking...


Binder w/ cache printouts

clip board w/ blank paper and the current cache

3-4 sharpies asstd. colors

lots of little sharpened pencils

about 6 camo micros

a bunch of my signature pickle pendants each in a small ziplock baggie

various sizes baggie

spare logs

mini mag light

old boy scout compass

swiss army knife

swag, including geocoins and TBs

a garden trowel


10 gb usb mini hard drive

cell phone

batteries for flash light

wire ties


little squares of reflector tape


geodog leash


prolly more i cant remember now

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And the mini hard drive is for what? :huh:



Off the top of my head w/o looking...



a garden trowel


10 gb usb mini hard drive

cell phone

batteries for flash light

wire ties


little squares of reflector tape


geodog leash


prolly more i cant remember now

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mini first aid kit

pepper spray

50 ft 550 cord

extra batteries

zip lock bags

plastic bag

2 empty 35mm film cans

bug repellant

sting relief applicator

toilet paper


Leatherman multi-tool

rappelling caribeaner

space blanket


trade items

Those are for quick walk caches. If we're going for caches involving more extended hikes will also carry an MRE for each of us.


Those are just items carried in our caching bag. Other items are carried on our persons, ie, cell phone, pocket knife, micro-tool, 2 way radios, whatever handgun I'm carrying that day, PDA, walking sticks. Rain ponches are always in our vehicle and we'll take them along too if there is any chance of rain.

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I have a continuing lower back injury, so I need to keep my pack light. I use a small pouch style backpack that is very light.


In it, I carry:




small first aid kit (band aids, antiseptic wipes, gauze, tampons, benadryl strips, acetominphen)


bag of cache maintenance stuff

bag of trail mix (cheerios, dried fruit, sesame seeds)

big bottle of water

bag of baby wipes

lip balm

GPS (usually carried in my hand or cargo pocket)

Palm (usually in pants pocket)


I usually carry my SLR camera too, but I wear it across my chest to distribute the weight more.

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Let's see....

3 Gause pads

8 band-aids

My Columbus metropark question thing.

6 pens



A bag with swag and logs


My emergency survival kit in a waterbottle:


1 Swiss Army Knife

1 small knife

waterproof matches

emergency blanket



LOTS of band-aids

disinfectant patches

gause pads

And more!

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In belt-clipped "swag bag":

Spare pen

Spare fresh batteries for GPSr



Also on belt:

Point-n-shoot camera

Cell phone


Reading glasses (I'm old)


I look like a centerfold for "Geek Weekly", but I'm prepared :D

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I only thought I was prepared ....


Today I moved to a backpack.





Cell phone


Camera spare batteries

GPSr spare batteries

First Aid kit with everything under the sun in it

Two pens, one small pencil

Glasses case

Swiss Army knife

Swag bag with lots of swag

Two small Altoids cache containers w/official logbooks and pencils

Micro-sized magnetic container

Magnetic nano


Two zip-lock freezer bags

Two small zip-lock bags

Aluminum foil

Place for two bottles of water


I'm ready to rock! :anibad:

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After reading all of these answers, I feel like I'm going out naked. When I was in the military, I learned to dislike a backpack with a vengence. Although I still use all issue gear except my boots, heres what I carry:

Bdu pants with small pocket knife, spare batteries, Toilet paper, 550 cord, car keys, handkerchief, wallet, change, a pistol belt with 2 canteens, one with water and the other with Gator-Aid, a survival knife (firearms are prohibited in some areas), butt pack with a 2man first aid kit, poncho, spare socks, extra latex gloves, small flashlight, small swag items, zip-lock bags, waterproof matches, energy bars, 2 civilian colored smoke bombs (just in case), sometimes a 2 way radio. All this is held up with load bearing suspenders, (so my pants don't fall down) that carry my cell and a presure bandage. All this is topped off with my walking stick, leather gloves, Garmin map60Cs and a hat. But, I may sneak a Beretta .22 and ammo in an M-14 mag pouch.

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OK so we only just started so I guess we'll start bringing more stuff! Right now the list goes:


1. GPS

2. Pens and pencils

3. Small knife

4. Small mirror

5. Small torch

6. Tissues

7. Camera

8. Gloves

9. Band-aids

10. Water

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Gee, you guys carry a lot! Besides my Meridian Gold GPS and cache listings, I only carry a flashlight, a pair of spare batteries and a pen in a case for my Meridian Gold. The belt loop has a small compass attached. Cache listings go in my pockets as do trading items.


I occasonally carry my Nikon D70 with a 19-35 Tamron lens or my 28-70 f2.8 Tokina. My eXplorist tends to sit at home, as I use it more as a loaner for friends. If I will be doing long distance caching, I will have my backpack with lunch, two granola bars and a first aid kit. The camera will always go along on these trips.


I now carry a Venture Cx in place of the Meridian Gold. I have added bags and a telescoping mirror, and I replaced the flashlight with a led flashlight combined with a magnetic retriever.

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I am getting into geocaching and this is a great post as I too am a pack rat and imagine my bag will eventually contain most of the items and more but I was very surprised at the lack of mention of TP. Not that I am looking to have to use it but it has got to be one of the most important items in any excursions away from the comforts of home. Whenever I dont have any, thats when I need it the most, especially with children! Is it just me or did anyone else notice this being omitted from most peoples lists? Lots of good ideas though for a newbie!

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All I carry on my person is my GPS, my Iphone, a pocket knife, and my Glock 23. I do carry what I call a bugout bag in my truck that contains survival gear. Most of the caches I have done don't involve long hikes but if I start doing them I'd probably throw it over my shoulder and carry it.

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I've considered taking a backpack, but after reading some of the posts, I think I'll just stick to my pant's pockets! I carry:

1 GPSr

1 Bison Tube (ya never know where you'll find the perfect hiding spot! :unsure: )

1 Space pen

1 Geocoin (soon to be two)

1 or 2 small swag items.

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Gosh I thought I carried a lot until I saw some of these lists! :laughing:


I carry the following stuff, in a smallish shoulder bag-


GPS (obviously)

Spare batteries

PDA with mapping and bluetooth GPS unit





Spare container

Adhesive tape


Zip ties

Garden wire

Bite/sting spray

Mobile phone



Bottle of water

Grain bars


Mind you, having read some of what everyone else is carrying, I think there are one or two essential items that I might need to add to this! ;)

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I'm a lighter cacher (only a few a week, i don't go out of town that often -- there's 4 in my town lol).


Everything fits in my Samsonite camera bag with two pockets and a mesh pocket on the front -- its olive drab all around ;)!!


-GPSr, but its nearly always on my desk or in my hand

-Cell phone

-$1 knife from wallyworld

-Altoids tin survival+first aid kit (matches w/ striker, duct tape, bandaids, bacitracin, rubber band, fire starter (vaseline soaked cotton ball), instant energy and focus (lifesaver; pun intended lol), a pin, 3m transpore tape, 3 coffee filters, 10 feet of cotton string, 3 qtips, cold pill, 2 ibuprofen, 2 quarters, 2 tylenol pm's, a P38 can opener, and a few alcohol pads. quite a feat, right?

-2 pairs of AA's (camera and GPSr power)


-keychain lights are replacing my zipper pulls. they are so handy!

-travel bugs and geocoins collected from other caches (i need some :)

-35mm film canister with CITO bag and handwritten note(printer is down)

-G2 pen

-shorty handmade bic stic pen

-Benadryl itch stick


Again, all that fits in a camera bag. The same bag I used to throw my camera, AA charger, and rechargeables in and it was "full" at the time.

Two pockets also allow for easy access of EVERYTHING.

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i've got a dakine outpost backpack. in it are:

5 pens

1 sharpie

canon point and shoot digital camera

SD card reader

leatherman wave

leatherman knife

first aid kit

small sewing kit (in an altoids tin)

extra batteries for camera

bottle of ibuprofen

small notebook

roll of camo duct tape

roll of electrical tape

2 magnetic pick-up tools

1 mechanic's mirror

deep woods off


bag with little ziplocs in it


bag with larger ziplocs in it as well as some garbage bags

spare micro logs

AA maglite

2 D maglite

a hat

small packet of kleenex

packet of all-purpose wipes

hand sanitizer



lensatic compass


small rain poncho

mechanix gloves


small multi-bit screwdriver

tape measure

small pair of binoculars


my stainless steel thermos intak bottle goes in a side pocket

i have 2 split-rings on the outside, one has a carabiner through it that holes an AAA maglite, leatherman micra, and can opener

other ring will hold my etrex vista HCX when it arrives in 2 days


i think that's about it.

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being new to this, so far our ruck sack contains the following:


a few swaps

a keyring torch

spare batteries

iphone emergency charger battery

bottle of water

tissues + hand wipes

doggy poo bags (as dog is usually with us).



and if weather is unpredictable our rain macks.


If its very local then i just wear my combats which holds my wallet, gps, iphone, a pen and some swaps.

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We only started at the end of January and the caching backpack is already starting to groan.


GPS lives by the netbook until it transferred to the car on a daily basis.


Looped over is my camelbak bladder and tube.


Spare dog lead

Spare collar (adjustable)

Poo bags (for the dogs)

Half a dozen toy cars

Handful of small kiddy toy swap thingamybobs

Leatherman Juice

Cycle multitool

Small first aid kit

Bug cream

Pack of pocket tissues

Pack of 8 AA's


Spare camera battery or two

Pack of flattened jaffa cakes

Wind up torch

Pair of sunnies

Pair of socks (?)

Dog biscuits

Fold up water bowl

Various pens, pads, small clear zip loc bags

couple of pencils

red crayon (have no idea where that arrived from)

5p piece

2 Tesco carrier bags

Wrist watch (been looking for that for weeks)

Swimming club membership badge


Better have a big sort out before we go on holiday. There is no way that the airline will let that lot travel as hand luggage :D

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-Geocoin for trading


-Bug Spray



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With me always:

N70 & N95

Bluetooth 66 channel tracking GPS

Cigars (aka insect repellent)


RFID tags (don't use keys)


Geocaching bag:


32 AA batteries

Sugar based foods (hypoglycaemic)

Sealed torch (doesn't need batteries or bulbs)

Kevlar/leather biker's gloves


Purposeful geocaching:

Camera with spare batteries

Bottle of water


Toshiba P300-19P with HSDPA dongle


Geocaching with son:

Nappies & nappy bags


Portable Potty

Change of clothes


Waterproof jacket

Food and drink



Weighing a total of 1 stone 12 pounds.


There's more trivial stuff but the above is a list of the things that's regularly used.

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-Geocoin for trading


-Bug Spray



-Editing post to add the roll of TP

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I have a Columbia backpack containing:


Garmin Etrex GPS

Cellular Phone

Three pens

One Sharpie

One pencil

One small pink notebook

Mini Maglite flashlight

Plastic container with swag and spare plastic baggies

Deep Woods Off

AfterBite (I -swear- by this stuff)

Baby wipes

First aid kit

Bottle of Gatorade or water

Folder for my papers (yeah, yeah, I'm a newbie and have an inexpensive GPS)

Spare AA batteries


Pocket knife/multitool

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Wow. Looks liek people here are mostly caching in the Rockies, or Death Valley at mid-day.

Hubby and I mostly do suburban caches, some in forest preserves or parks, a few earth caches in state parks, etc.

For suburban/park caching, we take bug spray, garden gloves, mini mag light (for looking into dark holes), bandaids, pen, and small swag.

Needless to day, we also take along the GPSR, spare batteries, and the usual back pocket or purse items like phone, wallet, glasses and keys.


IF we're going to the state park for the day, we take along water bottles, snacks, sunscreen, hiking sticks, camera, and a bigger first aid kit as well as a few CITO bags. Sometimes I also take along a garden kneeling pad so that I can get down on rough ground to snap photos without putting dents in the knees or posterior. Okay, it may be ecessive, but it's lightweight and saves my ancient bones. :cool:

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Wow. Looks liek people here are mostly caching in the Rockies, or Death Valley at mid-day.


Or in the mosquito and tick-infested woods of New England! :cool:


Lyme disease = bad.

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The contents of my geocaching bag have kinda modified over time. The updated list is:


Garmin GPSMap 60Cx GPS (clipped to side)

Canon Powershot A510 digital camera (clipped to other side)

Five or six spare ziplock bags

Bag of signature chainmail balls

- Regular size

- Micro size

- Nano size

Generic swag for trading

Any TB I happen to have picked up

Pair of thin cotton gloves

Three spare micro-pencils

Two spare micro-logbooks

Pencil sharpener

Mini maglight


Gerber Clutch multitool

Emergency silver blanket

Emergency medical kit

- Needle + thread

- Gauze

- Medical tape

- Antiseptic wipes

- Bandaids

About 6 feet of camouflage duct tape

Fisher space pen


Mechanical pencil

Emergency whistle

Silva Polaris compass

Four spare AA batteries

PalmOne Zire 31 palm pilot

Head lamp

Bushnell 8x21 binoculars

Two feet of 16-gauge stainless steel wire

Six feet of twine

String-figure string

Nylon strap with buckle

Pocket knife

Waterproof notepad




Yeah, it's pretty well packed. Although there's a few tiny items I want to add sometime... some kind of nutritional gel pack, or some kind of nutrient that has like... a decade shelf life. More for the survival type of thing. But I'm sure what I've got will do me for the most part. Oh, and this is all in a camera bag about 8 inches by 8 inches by 2 inches, as seen here.

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Ok This is What Is In My Geocaching Bag (i Just Packed it)....



1 Baby Wipe box Full Of Swag

1 geocaching box with camera.

1 BSA Orienteering Merit Badge Handbook (In Case I get Lost and my GPS is Dead)

1 Survival tool

2 boxes

1 car power converter (my Laptop Battery Doesn't Work And I Just Bought it last week)

My Laptop (For Paperless Geocaching)

1 Flashlight


Middle Compartment #2


1 (used up) Geocaching Repair kit

1 Backpack (for When i dont want to cary everything)

2 notebooks

2 rolls of duct tape

1 survival kit

1 flash light

2 ponchos

2 packs of kleenex


1 match tube


Middle compartment #1

1 pen

2 boxes of bags


Front Compartment

1 First Aid Kit

2 compasses

1 multi tool

some batteries



And it's not heavy at all :anibad:





portable fan

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I have a Nike backpack that I found for 6 bucks at my favorite flea market. I fill it with:

My toolkit, in a pencil case (Telescoping magnet tool, telescoping mirror tool, old US Army pocket knife, pliers, tweezers, multitool thingy)...

My Brookfield Zoo boonie hat...

Deep Woods Off spray in a ziplock baggie...

Sunscreen in a ziplock baggie

A hand-towel to wipe sweat off, or clean something up, anyway...

A pair of gardening gloves to reach into dark places...

Some Clif bars to munch on if I'm feeling weak or hungry...

My Walmart fixed-blade knife, which I can clip to my belt instead...

A little set of Tasco binoculars...

A Snoopy first-aid kit, with mostly just band-aids...

2 GPS units, one for me and one for Scatter...

Extra Lithium batteries...

My digital camera...

A small amount of swag, but I don't usually take anything anyway...

Trail maps if applicable....

My old Streamlight TL-2 Flashlight...

An 8-oz flask of water, if it is a SHORT hike and not too hot (otherwise I carry a 32oz Nalgene)...

Fisher Space Pens!!!!

My little leather Cache-Notebook...

And purse stuff (Wallet, Keys, Sunglasses, Cellphone, Lip Syl)...


I don't always bring my whole pack with us....if we will do a lot of park and grabs only, I will just bring my toolkit, flashlight, and purse.



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Wow, is everybody in this forum such a survivalist?

Pugs and I are mostly suburban cachers.

We keep a small pack in the car with the following:


Gardening gloves - a pair for each of us

fine tipped pen for signing those tiny nano logs.

tiny ziplock bags and a spare blank log - in case we come across one that's soaked.

Standard first aid stuff - wipes, bandaids, painkillers, stuff for bug bites, antihisthamines.

Bug spray

Small swag

Pocket pack of kleenex

A short length of dowel - for those caches in the forest preserve on the way home, when you really need to poke around inside a fallen log.


We print out notes on any caches we want to hit, and keep them on a clipboard.


That's pretty much it.


Y'all are scaring me.


Darn. Sorry for the double post. Haven't been on in a while, forgot what I had posted earlier.

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I don't have a dedicated caching bag but in my walking daysack ( that I take caching) there are;


3 pens

2 pencils



Caching signature stickers

cable ties (variety of sizes)

ziplock bags (variety of sizes)

insulating tape

Gerber knife

head torch

Gregson first aid kit (inc space blanket)


Map holder, map & various print outs of cache locations / routes in large scale



20m paracord

walking poles

baby wipes / hand wipes


Added as needed;



emergency wind up charger for smartphone

water - usually 2x1l bottles

snacks (fruit / energy bars / scooby snacks for Geohound)


TB / coins / swaps


Hang on, I've just realised why my pack weighs so much !!!

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All the normal stuff mentioned in the other posts. I do carry a Spot II as well as a number of locations in the Cascades (I'm in Washington State) does not have cell coverage. All I know is my pack gets heavier every year and I get weaker every year.

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Mine seems a lot more simple!


we bring, either in our pack or on our persons:

-Garmin Dakota 10 (paperless)

-2 cell phones (iPhone4 acts as calculator and all that fun stuff)

-2 bottles of water

-4 granola bars


-bug bite stick


-6 extra AA batteries, 6 extra AAA batteries

-2 mini maglights

-SWAG (various items)

-TBs and Geocoins

-pocket knife

-multitool (includes tweezers etc)

-ziploc bags

-mini gel pens (because they are SOO cool looking!)


-felt tip pen

-mini first aid kit

-Tylenol (for those hard to find caches!)

-Kleenex, the fiance has allergies

-Doggie bags (also used as nice bright pink trash bags!)

-$20 for emergencies and some change


Depending on weather we also bring




-tick repellent

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Hmm... It's easiest to just post a picture of the contents to my Hiking/Geocaching backpack.




That's what I pretty much always carry on me. Ya know, all the standard stuff, except that bottle in the upper right hand corner. My brother snuck that in while I wasn't looking. You cant see it in the picture but there is also spare batteries, pens, and abit of bug repel in the first aid kit.



Now if I am going to be out in the field a while I pack alittle extra stuff...




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Hmm... It's easiest to just post a picture of the contents to my Hiking/Geocaching backpack.




That's what I pretty much always carry on me. Ya know, all the standard stuff, except that bottle in the upper right hand corner. My brother snuck that in while I wasn't looking. You cant see it in the picture but there is also spare batteries, pens, and abit of bug repel in the first aid kit.



Tokarev TT-33?

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Close, 1952 Polish TTC. I plan to switch to a Makarov sometime in the near future. 7.62X25 penetrates way too much

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What are you doing that requires a gun and 3 full clips? Expecting a gun fight for that next FTF? LOL


If the world was a perfect place I could go and do what I please without a worry. Sadly, the world is far from perfect. I am no longer so naive as to believe that everyone is friendly and just waiting to help you out. There are many people out there that would seize the opportunity to take advantage of anyone they see.


It is more of a "just in case" piece of equipment. I've never had to use it while geocaching and I hope I absolutely never need to even consider it. I figure if you are going to do something, you might aswell do it right. I carry 3 spare magazines* and a box of ammo.


* - Please review the following:



Edit: You know, the first thing out of my friend's mouth when I explained what geocaching was, was "You know, that sounds like the perfect setup for murder or mugging someone."

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I carry a Maxpedition Fatboy, with the Janus Extension.


In the extension I keep my Oregon 550, and some batteries.

In the bag I try and keep the following:

-a couple of pens, for logging

-a sharpie (fine point), for when the log is too wet for a pen

-ZipLoc Bags for waterproofing gear, or replacing the waterproofing of a cache

-Some Small blank Logs for adding more logging space to full logs

-Bison Tubes, in case I find a spot I want to place a quick cache

-Sig Cards, cause I'm too cheap for pathtags, or custom coins/nickels, and the like.

-little Note/steno/memopad for field puzzles

-Trade Items for when I find something cool

-Gloves for those times you have to reach where you aren't sure

-Multi-tool for getting those waterlogged logs removed, and you never know

-Any Tb's or coins

-Once I can, I plan on having my sidearm as well for piece of mind.

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