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Navigation GPS installation - Unlocking GPS maps

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Please can someone help out?


I have just bought a GPSmap 60Cs (second hand) and i have got mapsource on my pc working, with city select (the one which navigates for you - found this out the hard way!!)

The map detail is unlocked, but when i send the map to my GPS, it says that it cannot unlock the map.


What can i do to unlock it on the GPS, dodgy or non-dodgy methods :blink:





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Garmap is usually linked to the GPRs unique ID, you can not use maps on more than one unit. Should have got the corresponding Mapsource to the Garmin unit with unlock code from the guy you bought it from.


Maybe contacting AVNIC (the distributor in RSA) could help if explained, as long the unit was initially bought with RSA Garmap in RSA and not in the States or UK.

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If you got the City Select CD with the GPs then you should have the 25 digit unlock code, but if the maps were unlocked by the previous user then you might need to purchase an unlock code. IMHO i think the City Select maps are not as good as the SA StreetMaps V4, even thought the SA V4 maps suck. Lots of errors in them.

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With Garmin city select products you can get more than one unlock code. I have unlocked on two of my units without charge. A third would require a small fee. You can do this at Garmin.com. You may need to get some details from the previous owner and see if you transfer the unit to your name on garmin.com as it will be registered with the previous owner.


Garmap. Only registered to a single GPSr. You'll need to buy a new CD.

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