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Downloading waypoints from Geocaching.com to EasyGPS

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I have a yellow Garmin ETrex and I am having problems getting my waypoints to download to Easy GPS.


After going to Geocaching.com and retreiving waypoints, I want to send them into Easy GPS, but when I hit download, it wants to send the waypoints to GSAK. How do I get Geocaching.com from hide and seek to Easy GPS?


Thanks a lot in advance for all the help you can give me. I am new at this.



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I think El Diablo means find the gpx or loc file, then, right-click, hit "Open With", then "Choose Program", and finally, select EasyGPS. There will be a box asking if you want to always use this program to open this type of file. I would click the box to avoid this procedure every time.


You can also open up EasyGPS and open the gpx or loc file.


If you have MapSource, it can open up loc and gpx files if you have a current version - I think it started with v6.9.

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IIRC EasyGPS forces LOC file association every time it's started so if the OP starts EasyGPS before he downloads waypoint it should work.


That is no longer the case. The EasyGPS installer will associate .gpx and .loc files with EasyGPS if no other program is currently associated with them. Otherwise, it leaves your computer settings alone.


If you hold Shift while right-clicking a file, you can click Open With, Choose Program, and check "Always use this program for this kind of file..."

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