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Moving a TB along?

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There's a TB Going to an A's Game that needs to get back to Utah. I picked up the bug prior to the playoffs and it went to the last three A's games in Oakland (two of which ended very badly :( )


The bug needs to go home to its' owner in Utah - hopefully before Spring Taining starts.


It's in a pretty active non-trade type TB hotel 5 Gallons O'Fun


So, besides watching it in it's cache and fretting over it, how can I help it along? I'm not going to Salt Lake soon, and the local boards are not terribly active.


Is it fair to UPS it home? That seems kind of like not (Unless I find a UPS GC'er)


Stand outside the airport trying to hand a stranger a package to carry on? (really bad idea)


Am new to this game, and TBs are beyond fun so when I travel, I try to help them along. But I've not been the last in the "I need to go here and then home" part before.


Any ideas? And sorry, I don't have enough FF miles to offer up a ticket to Salt Lake. :P



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