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Could I propose a catergory of Civic recycling sites and other public places to dispose of recylable materials.

As waymarkers and geocachers are often out of their 'home' patch, knowing where the local dump or recycle centre is, could be very useful.


In Europe, councils are being pushed by legislation, to reduce and recycle. Common items are picked up by kerbside collection, but non popular items you have to recycle yourself. eg batteries, plastic, tin foil, waste car oil


Cumbrian libraries (UK) take yoghurt pots, stamps, tin foil on behalf of charities.

Charity shops take clothes, mobile phones, books, spectacles etc.

Charity warehouses take furniture.

Some larger supermarkets take plastic pots, phone directories.


Obviously times of opening, items accepted, permits needed would be among the variables

Also the URL of your nearest FREECYCLE.org site.


I apologise if this has been aired before. I did search the forums.

I am not a premium member so can not manage this category. Maybe I'll join.

(Any spelling mistakes are purely intentional.)



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