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Fish Eagle

Fish Eagle Geocoin Presale

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Hi Everyone,


Greetings from sunny South Africa.


Our Fish Eagle personal geocoin is on presale at the links below, and should be available about 31st October. We believe that this is the first trackable geocoin from South Africa, it has a unique icon, and is being minted in 3 different metals - gold, silver, and bronze. Coins are available individually, or in sets of three.


3 coin set








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Here are some pictures of the coin...











Edit: cropped images

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How do you pronounce "Mpumalanga"? :unsure:


Yeah well..... it's easy if you're South African, but how can I explain??




Mmm - a bit drawn out

poo - as in "poo" (yuk)

ma - as in "ma", not panga

langa - with the a's same as ma


Mpumalanga is a province in the north-east of South Africa. Great variety - we have high mountains, many waterfalls, hot plains, many wild animals, and the Kruger Park. The capital is Nelspruit, S25°28 E031°00, and right now, we're into summer and it's hot as hell, about 33°C.

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I have not been able to establish a trade for this coin from the owner so I am looking to trade for 2 of these from anyone. I have just been buying to many coin and need to shift to trading for them.


For trade we have the following personal geocoins.


Buffalo Wings V1 in:

Gold, or Silver.


Buffalo Wings V2 2006 (Trackable with icon) in:

Bronze, Antique Silver, Black Nickel(White buffalo) and Copper(Black buffalo)


Team Sand Dollar V2 2006 (numbered, NOT trackable, Trade Only) in:

Black Nickel, Ant Silver, Ant Copper (Available 9/8)


Indevelopement Team Sand Dollar V2.5 in

Misty Gold, Misty Silver, Matte-Black


Also check out my trade list at http://cointracking.com/public/TeamSandDollar



Team Sand Dollar

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Are you going to be doing any trading?

Unfortunately not. We are not collectors, didn't realise how big trading in geocoins is, and didn't make provision for trading within the production quantities. Guess it's all part of the learning curve - we'll know better next time.

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I ordered a set this morning. Gotta love the African Fish Eagle! It appears on a few coins in Africa. I have a small blurb on the bird HERE (in this case, the bird is on a coin from the neighbouring country to the north).

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Thanks everyone for your support and kind words. This is our first geocoin, and it has been a wonderful and exciting experience.


Here's some info about the African Fish Eagle -



The African Fish Eagle is a fairly large eagle. It has a distinctive black, brown, and white plumage.



Although, as its name suggests, it feeds extensively on fish, in some areas it preys on flamingoes and other water birds. It is also known to eat carrion and is classified as a kleptoparasite (it steals prey from other birds). Goliath Herons are known to lose a percentage of their catch to Fish Eagles. Their main diet is fish, sometimes dead, but mostly caught live. Catfish and lungfish are caught most frequently. Larger prey are eaten on the ground next to the water.



The African Fish Eagle has two distinct calls. In flight or perched, the sound is something like the American Bald Eagle. When near the nest its call is more of a 'quock' sound - the female is a little shriller and less mellow than the male. So well known and clear is the call of this bird that it is often known as 'the voice of Africa'. The African Fish Eagle is usually seen in pairs inside and outside the breeding season, even sharing kills made by either of them. They spend more time perched than flying, and usually settle for the day by 10am, having made their kill, although they will kill at any time of the day.



It is most frequently seen sitting high in a tall tree from where it has a good view of the stretch of river, lakeshore or coastline, which is its territory. Near a lake with an abundant food supply, a pair may require less than a square mile of water to find enough food, whereas next to a small river, they may require a stretch of 15 miles or more. Some tend to move around to avoid the wettest weather, whereas others stay where they are all year round.


Where they are found

Widespread in Southern Africa. It is particularly common in and around some of the Rift Valley lakes.

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Latest news......


The sets of 3, and the silver coins are sold out.

There are 3 bronze coins and 19 gold coins remaining.


Thanks again everyone for your support, which has made it possible for us to achieve one of our dreams - to have our own personal geocoin out in the field.

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Just ordered 2 of those. Great coin, had to have it after my study abroad semester in Cape Town this year. Sadly I didn't took my father's gps at that time, meanwhile I have my own one and I will definietly come back :-D

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Can we get an update on these coins. Thanks.


The coins started shipping ex Netherlands on Monday 13th - should be hitting mailboxes any day now.

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Our first batch of Fish Eagle geocoins have arrived in SA - Hooray!!!


They look lovely, and we can't wait to get them into the field.

We'll be releasing about 50 coins, all with an "Animals of the Kruger Park" theme.

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Has anybody recieved these yet?



No, but I was told these as well as the Dutch 2006 coins were shipped last week. So we should get them soon.

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I haven't received mine either, even though I am quite close to the Netherlands.

How about you? Have you gotten yours by now?


Greetings, Ette KCH

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Still no Fish Eagle coins here. I'm starting to get irate. E-mails go flying next week if the coins don't arrive over the weekend.

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I haven't gotten mine yet either although sent an email and got a return that they were mailed a while ago...

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I finally got mine on friday. Getting in touch with geocoins.nl has helped.

Beautiful coin, I am very happy to have it in my collection.

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