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[PRE-ORDER] Come Together Geocoin (Two Parts)


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Come Together Geocoin (Two Parts):



- 1,75 inches (44,45 mm); 3 mm thickness

- Set with two pars (both coin with its own icon)

- numbered (sets have the same number)


- Set: Antique Silver / Antique Gold 11€ (app 13.80 USD) / set (both trackable with different icon)

- Set: Antique Nickel / Antique Copper 11€ (app 13.80 USD) / set (both trackable with different icon)

- Set: Foogy Silver / Foggy Gold 11,90€ (app 14.90 USD) / set (both trackable with different icon)


Many thanks to fox-and-the-hound for the design support



Albert Einstein (1879-1955) published the „Theory of Special Relativity“:


One of many amazing cognitions: Moving clocks lose time. This isn't an effect only referring to clocks, moreover the time itself in a moving system underlies the so called time dilation In our normal (Non-Geocacher day) we do mot recognize this effect since velocities are too small and therefore time differences are not measurable..



Albert Einstein finished his "Theory of General Relativity":


Clocks within a gravity field lose time. A clock on the Moon will therefore measures a longer time than a clock on our Earth, since Earth's gravity is larger.



Ivan Getting (1912-2003) significantly participated in the basic developments for the GPS. For further explanation of the GPS functionality the interested geocacher surely is aware of 1001 sources in the internet..



Bill Clinton "turned off" the artificial deterioration of the satellite signal, clearing the way for the civil use of the satellite navigation for us geocachers..


What the hell is the connection between Einstein and Geocaching?


There aren't any caches on the Moon, are there? And we do not know geocachers in supersonic aircrafts searching for a cache.


Nevertheless without taking into account the above mentioned effects, which partially compensates each other, an adequate precise measuring of the position would be impossible. Neglecting the effect of the moving clock in the satellite and the stronger gravity field for the clock in the receiver on the Earth, even after only one day the position error would have summed up to nearly 12000 meters.


Even after a few minutes the search for Tupperware boxes would be a nightmare.


Thus, only due to combining the scientific efforts of Einstein and Getting - symbolized by the two parts Yin and Yang - our hobby geocaching is enabled.


Therefore: Come Together – Go for the Cache !




Both parts of one Come-Together-Pair with same consecutive number (Yin and Yang) have to be placed seperately in distant caches. These coins shall find together within a given time in one cache.


Winner is the team, whose coins has reached most points (Point rating see below) at that time the coins have found together. “Not Come Together” coins (those which have not reached the same end location) will not be awarded.


Race time will be 3 months.


The Winner, 2nd and 3rd will be honoured with a Come Together Coin pair in Gold (1st), Silver (2nd) and Bronce (3rd).



1. Each team is allowed to start with as many as desired coin pairs. The informations have to be transmitted via a formular provided by the organizer.

2. At the given date x (start) the organizer documents the positions of all coin pairs.

3. Now the race starts.

4. Each half of the coinpair may only be retrieved once by one and the same person. (This shall avoid, that one and the same cacher transports the coins from cache to cache)

5. The owner itself must not retrieve the coin.

6. Logs in virtual caches aren’t allowed.

7. Communication between the owner and the coin retrievers in order to control the travelling are highly appreciated (Come Together!)

8. Those one who retrieved a coin has to be the same who puts the coin into the new cache next time (this shall avoid sending of the coins via mail, except for the start)

9. The Come Together of the coins has to be documented by photo (Photo has to be sent to the organizer)

10. In case of breaching the rules the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the player from the challenge.

11. The documentation is done by the organizer.


Point Rating:

1 Point per log in the cache

1 Point per 20 km distance (Distance between the Starting caches)

10 Points for each visited country (each country only one count)


Here you can order this Geocoin set:


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