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Kiwi Gary's 1000th find! Yes this is a congrats thread.

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:):) Big congrats to Kiwi Gary, our tent guest last weekend at The Big Freeze who successfully found his1000th cache.


We had no doubts whatsoever that you'd do it before departing our shores. Not forgetting Margaret of course who's accompanied you to many many of your finds. :):)


Good luck with the caching in NZ.

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:):):) .... Well done guys .... 1 :):D:D

We were glad that we could be there to help you celebrate your great achievement, lets just hope its not the last time we see you :unsure: . Just take your time getting to 2000 as its going to take a while to save the bus fare to oz.

If you happen to be passing Oxford, Scotland sometime in the future make sure you drop in for some haggis and a wee dram ;) .

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