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What happened to all the ticks?


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Well, now that I've contracted Lyme for the second time in two years, I'm getting a bit concerned! The first time, I had those glorious red splotches all over my body (among other annoying symptoms.) And I mean all over.

This time, there were no splotches, but I seemed to be having some of the same symptoms. Blood test showed that I was positive for Lyne, with the secondary set of antibodies. That means that I've had it at least one month (more likely six months.) So, it's a heavy regimen of doxicycline for a month.

This is really starting to annoy me!

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Sorry to hear about this happening. I';ve been on Doxycillin a couple of times although I'm not sure if I had Lyme. Once I had the tick tested and it had Lyme. The other time I just took a week of the antibiotics. My dog's had Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and something recently that they thought was from ticks but couldn't ID the desease. Nearly killed him. He was on two antibiotics for 4 months until he finally responded and got well.


I splurged last year and bought Buzz Off clothes (shirt, pants, sock and hat) impregnated with Permethrin. Haven't seen any ticks on me since then. But you never know. Really hate ticks.


Take care of yourself. Alan.

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