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Thanks for all the cachers in KZN for making the event a success. We have a few lost items that were collected after the braai. (Hat and Braai utensils)

We will drop the Toys soon at ECR and post some pictures then.


Wazat read my lips. Fluffy was kidnapped. Maybe I will organize one of these blue light brigades to protect Fluffy next time.

Fluffy I hope you are OK.

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Well here I was searching through the forums (searching for things seems to have become a habit since this geocaching bug bit! ha ha) and stumbled upon this KZN thread so thought it would be rude not to pop in and say hi!


You'll hopefully be seeing our name pop up in a lot more log books in the near future.


Thanks to all those who have taken the effort to hide caches - we have found some great ones already. Hopefully in the not too distant future we can return the favour.




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Hi there everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas and New year!


Please keep the afternoon of the 7 February free as we are organising an event. Batgonemad and his squirrel will be in town - that usaully means there will be coins hanging around if we know him....


Hope to see you all then if not before lotering around some high muggle cache somewhere.


Until then


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Hi all


newbies here.

Boostjunkie: consists of two people namely Me "Hi" and my better half Rayx

Hopefully will start seeing our names on some log sheets.


Just thought i would pop in and say hello on behalf of both of us.


Also we introduced some friends of ours, who have signed up Team Green.


See ya all on the caching fields.



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Maybe these are KZN cachers? :)


Anybody out there know the cachers going by the name "Crafty Team" at all? They have a geocoin of mine that they picked up in Richards Bay beginning November. They have 3 caches to their name and have not been on line again since a few days after signing up. If anybody knows of them please ask them to move my coin along or grab it from them if they no longer cache.

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Looking forward to this, can't wait. Feels like the days wont pass fast enough.


DiePienaars: "No Blue Lights required, I'll protect fluffy. I know Kung-Fu".


I'll also be on the lookout for "Overgrown TB's", namely a Scoober-diver..........


See you all soon.



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"Hello will somebody please answer my question about the little fella in the plane".



I am also curious about this now. Can someone please answer "Batsgonemad's" question, before he becomes "BatsgoneInsane".

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"Hello will somebody please answer my question about the little fella in the plane".



I am also curious about this now. Can someone please answer "Batsgonemad's" question, before he becomes "BatsgoneInsane".


All I can say this about the little fella. He is not taking off without me being part off.

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Okay, so I've been caching for a while now and have only JUST found this particualr forum. I did keep wondering where this "sandpit" place was that everyone was talking about though (please see footnote). Anyway, greetings. Hope to meet you all at the upcoming event... (where serious hints will be imparted for "Bottleneck").


Rhino: When you heading off for the swallows? Count me in!

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I am so stuck on “bottleneck” and will miss the event to get more clues… Is this one just for the locals or can I solve this one sitting in Gauteng?…..and on top of everything I am also lost about this little plane?????....


Maybe it’s a sign for me to put the puzzles aside and just concentrate on the normal “traditional caches”. Just when I started to understand Rhino, a new cacher with more ideas put me back two steps!!!!!!!!

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Hi Redglobe...


The saying goes that if your ears are burning some-ones talking about you... Unfortunately at the moment I'm pretty sure what cachers are saying...

If you can solve the riddle on the cache page you're 95% of the way. You'll just need to contact another local cacher to help you finish it off... I'm glad I've got people thinking.


As an incentive, I showed it to my mom who took all of 8 seconds before she burst out laughing having solved it. Then again, she does know how I think...


When it comes time to give some hints at the event, we'll give you a call :)

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Goodness, I must say, I can't tell who the little blighter is either, but I'll tell you one thing: I certainly didn't clear him for take off!!! There's nothing wrong with his plane (or his moustache) but any-one who gets zero out of ten for anthing, shouldn't be flying! :laughing:


Yes, he can only fly once he can get ten out of ten.

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Unfortunately, honesty is always the best policy to me.

I have done a fair amount of caching and sadly D706 & Supa Fast are not up to KZN standard. The caches in KZN are of great standard and very precise. Caches are meant to take you to places that have some value to them. Perhaps a beautiful sight or pic-nic spot etc.

I honestly feel that more time and effort need to go into these two caches.


It's not always about the find to us, but more so about where the find takes us!

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The only info I can get is that the domain was register by a Pretoria IT company (IT ideas) and a name of Patrick McKay. It looks it was done on behalf of a client (The mystery person).


Who lives 1,9km from Dolphin SPCA cache, 2,5km from Hole in the Wall and 4,2km from Croc Creek? Do a triangulation and then you have the mystery person. :D

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Just a note I placed in the No Go Area thread. Just wanted to congratulate the park management of Empisini reserve - and give your KZN'ers a heads up on an exciting initiative happening in your neck of the woods.


Keep looking in the Umko area.


Also - I'd like to add onto the Empisini no-go area. It was my cache that was found and that prompted the ban. I sent a mail to the park officials - who after finding the cache had registered on Geocaching.com - and sent a note to the cache owner (Ysbeer & I). I mailed them to apologise for the inconvenience and explain caching.


But als - too late - they had already contacted Fish Eagle - and had liked the idea of caching so much that they are planning a geocaching trail on their reserve - with 6 odd caches taking cachers to the ebst parts of the park (far nicer than the single cache i had on trail side).


Well done guys - I can only commend your attitude and using geocaching promote the reserve and encourage cachers to come visit. This is a great example of how we can work together. In retrospect - I guess i should have approached them earlier and explained the details. Perhaps this is something we can all learn from - and just because the land has free access - does not mean that owners are automatically adverse - but can actually work to assist and maintain caches.


Well done once more.

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Hear Hear!!! :bad:


When I got the mail today about the Empsini cache I was intrigued as to how it all came about... Thanks for the back-ground. I must agree, I take my hat off to the guys for taking the initiative and seeing the potential for caching in terms of toursim and conservation.

I look forward to the caches being published, so we can commend them in the logs as well..

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Hey, fellow Sandpitters - I've got some exciting news for y'all! :D


I attended a great event in Piet Retief this past weekend, organised by DamhuisClan and Ding bat, and I picked up a most unusual TB that Ding bat had dropped off at one of the caches there.


I now have this one-of-a-kind TB in my sweaty little palms (or arms), and I will soon be placing it in one of the KZN caches - just gotta find one big enough and challenging enough!


This TB has never visited the Sandpit before (so far it has only visited Mpumalanga and Gauteng), and only one Sandpitter (Noddy) has ever picked it up (in Gauteng), so this is a first for us!


Watch this space if you want to be the next Sandpitter to pick up this TB - it will be an experience that you will not forget, I can assure you.


Tee hee hee... :laughing:

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