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Kudos to the "Waymarking Creation Team"

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logo.gifWaymarking Image Gallery had 110 photos submitted to-day, so far, and 474 for the 23rd of October :rolleyes:

....now what do the naysayers have to say about not wanting photographs with the "Waymarks"


Kudos and best wishes from all of us to - Jeremy - bootron - OpinioNate - and our "IconDesigner" Koko <_< for all the hard work and patience to bring it this far. please add anyone else that I forgot.

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Well I have written to OpinioNate a few times, I try to not bother the 'lackey pool' directly unless I absolutely need to.


I think that Waymarking has been a very enjoyable exercise and I am quite happy with the results. It has also been great being here since sometime in the first week of Waymarking.


Some other people though deserve thanks, most of them are the Forum members that have worked along side the Groundspeak staff to help improve things.


So yes, I agree that OpinioNate and Bootron deserve a big round of 'wobbly-pops', and if either of you, or maybe even that Jeremy character ever 'Venture' to Niagara Falls, Canada then I'll buy you a real beer :unsure: .


Good job guys....


Now about my next suggestion :ph34r:


B) The Blue Quasar

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This highly entertaining game/activity lets us explore the lives of other passionate fanatical waymarkers... We have viewed and visited their waymarks either virtually or physically and got to know one another across the globe. With every new waymark encounter, we plunge deeper into the heart of our fanatical passion. Waymarking, over the year that I have been privilaged to be a part of; has turned out to be a likeable escort through some of the worlds most interesting places. Nonfanatical types who don't have the time, inclination or cojones to step into this unusual world of obsessive waymarkers can safely peek behind the curtain to witness the creation of Opinionate, Bootron, Koko and of course Jeremy... Although these zealots are undeniably odd, I have come to respect them for their commitment, their mutual support, and their willingness to look like geeks in the eyes of others. Along the way, they have crafted a warm, funny anthropology of outsiders who, by following their fancy, have found a home."

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I want to add a thank you to all the waymarkers out there. As with anything new, Waymarking has a few rough edges. The people that have chosen to participate have made great suggestions and the Waymarking crew at Groundspeak has been very receptive to these idea and has implemented many of them. Waymarking gets better every day. The group management concept has worked out far better than I thought it would. It has turned into a great way to promote a sense of community. So not only thank you to the Groundspeak crew but a pat on the back to all of us waymarkers. :unsure:

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Gosh, thanks. :P


I'll also echo the praise given to you early adopters. Without your contributions, both in the form of waymarks/categories and feature suggestions, it couldn't be done. Though it isn't. Done, that is. We've a long way to go yet but we're sure to have lots of fun along the way. Mark on!

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