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Marmacette personal geocoin - NEW


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Hello fellow cachers !


I'm sending a note for those who could be interested in a new geocoin that should be available around mid-november. 250 coins will be produced (50 gold, 50 nickel and 150 black nickel). Pre-order has been open for the Quebec Geocachers for the past days but there are still a few coins left that I have made available for all cachers... Here's your chance, first come, first served !




Available :

As a set (1 gold, 1 nickel, 1 black nickel) = $25us **** ONLY 12 SETS LEFT ****

Nickel = $9us

Black nickel = $8.50us

Shipping to the US = $3us


To place an order, contact me via www.geocaching.com under user name Marmacette. Thanks for your support !!!


Marmacette (from Quebec City, Canada)

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I just received the coins today !!! And you know what ???? THEY LOOK AMAZING !!! I will start packing them and your orders will be on their way by the end of the week.

Nothing yet in Southern California, but as noted by AG, mail service is starting to slow down due to the Holiday Crunch.

They came today, and they are much nicer in person than the photos can possibly show :huh: Thanks!

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