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Muggles regularly logging the cache


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time to hide better.


nice that it hasn't been "muggled" for real... yet.


I agree. It is very nice that muggles are logging their names in the logbook and leaving the container as found. Who knows, a couple of them might become geocachers. But how long will it take before that one bad seed finds it, and decides they don't like the idea of treasure hunting. :D

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Ditto what everybody else said - I note that TBs have gone missing (though that certainly happens with un-muggled caches). I finally gave up on a trading cache (my first hide) and turned it into a micro because it was found so often by non-cachers. When a TB went missing, I changed it out for a heavily camo'ed micro (spoiler hint).

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Good suggestion about rehiding it but I have, ahem, a problem. You see about two summers ago after three no finds, I went out there to check it out and couldn't find it either. Wasn't quite sure it was missing, or, ahem, I couldn't find my own cache. :unsure:


So I kept quiet, logged nothing, and...waited. Half hoping, embarrassingly, no one else would find it and it was plundered, I was let down when two months later someone logged a find. <_< And people have been logging finds ever since!


Sooo, rather than, well, you get it I'm sure...I'll just wait until; it disappears for good, one of the kids becomes a cacher and adopts it, or it just keeps going like it is. :rolleyes:


Ok. question #2. Anyone every had a problem relocating their own cache?

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... Anyone every had a problem relocating their own cache?

More than a few times I've had to email the last finder for a hint to find my own cache. They do wander around a bit. I know where I put it, but all that means is that I look less before I'm stumped.


I've certainly got egg on my face - I just reenabled one of my caches, which I thought had been muggled because I couldn't find it. Evidently it's still there, the FTF (and only finder thus far) checked today, and yep, I just missed it. He's far more experienced a cacher then I am!

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