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What the smallest CACHE you've seen?


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Alternate title:

"What happened to trinkets in micros?"


Back when we first started caching all of the micros we found were what I'd call "True Caches." Not exactly as defined by this site, but they did cache trinkets. I don't recall finding a log-only cache until we ventured outside South Carolina. Most of these were 35mm and APS film cans. Some were Altoids cans. All were creatively hidden in interesting areas.


We all know about log-only micros, but the notion behind this thread is:


Have you ever found a micro with trade items?


If so, what is the smallest micro you've found with trade items?

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On the hiding side, I have two Altoids tins (one round, one rectangular) that see a healthy traffic of trade items, including trackables. On the finding side, I've found bison tubes with very small plastic trinkets inside.


I have a bag with 50 or so tiny trinkets from Archie McPhee that can be dropped off in micros. It's sitting on a shelf, since we rarely trade at ANY size cache anymore. I should sprinkle the microswag around. Thanks for the reminder.

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I think an Altoids tin would be the smallest I've seen. Most of them have something small in there in addition to the log, maybe a coin or coupon or something.


I've seen a nano cache or two that's had something tee-niney inside, such as rice, or small rocks. I don't think those would be considered trade items since it's doubtful anyone would want to trade for them. They seemed to be in the caches just to be funny.

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Have you ever found a micro with trade items?


If so, what is the smallest micro you've found with trade items?


I've found several micros with trade items. Also, nearly every micro I've hidden had trade items. The smallest containers I've seen with trade items were film canisters and the small Altoids tins.

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The smallest container I've seen was the stage of a multi, and that was this: (the one on the right, obviously)



The smallest container with no trade items was this one:



The smallest container with trade items was:



These are all pictures from google images, not the exact cache. They were pretty fun, especially the first one, which was on a black bench in an almost impossible to reach place. :D

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