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Finnaly I've moved into the 60 series

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I'm big on Geocaching so I'm set there. I would love to use this in the car for trips and what not... I also do some bike riding so I was thinking about a bike mount to track my speed a distance... What else do you guys do to enhance this 60 series I have the 60cs model. Thanks to our own garage sell forum.

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Especially for the car driving, but also for the bike rides, I would recommend getting the CityNavigator detailed maps. The basemap of the 60CS is pretty sparse with only highways and a few major roads included whereas the CityNavigator maps will show almost all residential and rural roads - great for finding a short cut back if the weather turns bad while out riding. These detailed maps also include business and other locations so you can find a gas station while driving or a place to eat, etc. Plus auto-routing with turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

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I would certainly buy the mapping software. The only pain about it is, that everytime you load new maps, it erases the old ones. So let's say you are coming here to NC for GW5 and you load up local maps, when you get back home you are going have to put the old maps back on.


Bottom line is...buy the software. :P Also keep in mind that the software is good for 2 unlock codes. Use them wisely! Between my wife and I, we have upgraded units 6 times. Which means I've had to buy unlock codes 3 times at 75.00 a pop.


El Diablo

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