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Feature Request: PQ Folders?

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PQ's are getting better and better everyday with things like Caches Along a Route, Bookmarks, Attributes, etc..., and I find myself taking advantage of these options more and more. Lately, I've been thinking it would be helpful to be able to organize my PQs into folders. Basically, this feature would give users the ability to organize their PQs better on the page. Probably more important for those of us that travel... but I think it could be a real help to everyone! In theory, I see:


1) a button on the page that says "create new folder"

2) a couple of enhancements to the "copy PQ' funtion to allow copying in to other folders

3) a checkbox allowing us to archive the whole PQ folder when needed.


Okay.... I'm ready. What do you all think :):P ?

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It would be nice to group my PQ's for a trip together in a folder apart from my normal PQ's. Then there are PQ's I have for regions outside my normal cache area that I use fairly regularly that would be nice to have grouped. Good idea.


As a temporary workaround, since the PQ list is now sorted alphabetically, you can append the names of your queries to group them together. I do this to keep them sorted in email, too. This also works with some characters such as @, but I think the # symbol returns an error.



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