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Pre-sale for Monterey Bay Coin!

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Monterey Bay Coin

I'm now starting the presale for my coins. The should be done hopefully before Christmas, great gift for a cacher!!


Size: 1.5" x 4mm

Quantity: 150

Plating: Antique bronze

Quantity: 150

Plating Antique Copper

Front: 2D, 7 colors

Back: 2D, no color

Coating: Epoxy

Tracking on Geocaching.com

Seperate Icon


$8.50 each plus $1.50 S/H first coin, $.50 each extra coin.


I'm selling 125 of each metal and won't be reminting so once they are gone they are gone!

Shoot me an e-mail to get your reservation and specify which metal and how many.

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Is it? I haven't sold a coin before, so my estimates may have been too high. change the price to $8.50


Thanks for the imput!


Which estimates? You know how much they cost you. I don't understand what you are saying...


And I thought this was going to be a personal coin?

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I personally don't like the fact that you are calling it the "Monterey Bay Coin", and I'm guessing that is what kealia is referring to. You do have your cache name on it and that is how you should advertise it. As it stands you are advertising an area coin that nobody in the area had any input on, kinda confusing.

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I think its a good representation of the Monterey Bay, which is where I live and is near and dear to me, so thats why I chose it as my subject for my coin.


As for the Seaside/Marina blunder, it was corrected and are seperated by a dash.

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