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Great cachin terrain


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My vote is for 'outside'.


Same here even though i did find a cache inside one time that was alot of fun. However, i have to agree with those above who said woodlands. Theres nothing like being far away from the hustle and bustle of the more urban areas. Rural areas usually offer up better terrain ratings and for me, more fun caches!

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Where do you like to go geocaching? :D


Gimme a 4WD PnG in some remote/semi-remote location & that will be a fun one for me. I like to hide those as well.


I like mountainous terrain best, but the best day of cachin' I EVER had was in the swamps of Florida.


Throw in some mud and double the fun!


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One of the reasons I started doing this was for the hiking and exploring aspect. Read: incentive to keep me off my fat rump. Out here in the desert, anything with a view is a plus and maybe some shade. I don't think I'll ever have a real high count because I won't do many of the urban caches, but I'll have many miles logged on the chaches I do get.

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We like wooded. We enjoy hikes with a view, but like them best when tempured with flatish trails after! 9f23e2a0-09c3-427a-8e3d-e7b7217d2103.jpg

We ended up doing a 4.5 terrian bushwack. If we had gone up the trail about 100 more yards, it would have been a level 3. :laughing:



Near water is always enjoyable.



This is the view from a stage of a local multi. The stages take you all around the area, with great views from all. One stage also takes you to historic abandoned mansion in the same park. :unsure:

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1) It must be far enough into nature where I can't hear cars or traffic (and preferably not run into other people).


2) A view is a bonus



3) Anywhere with something cool to see:



4) Anywhere there's an old abandoned town/building/man-made structure out in the middle of nowhere:




Nice pic's and keep them a coming. :D

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