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Hello there.


At first I wanted to have a category called "Stones with history", as I love stones with stories. After searching a lot, I found out that there are a good Category about stone cirles and similar, so I had to think again.




So now I wonder if there can be category called "Milestones in Sweden".

All over Sweden you find old milestones along the roads that marks an occation, old important roads or how far it is to near large city, as it was those days. These milestones are a part of Swedish history.




And what about a Category called "StoryStones" that accept stones / rocks / boulders / mountains with stories only. Example, like we have a rock along a road near our home, that the story says a Giant got angry about the bell ringing at the church nearby, tried to hit it with the rock but didn't make it all the way,that's why the rock is where it is.




/Angélique 50% of TheLizardKing

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I think there are 2 new categories here. Milestones and Story Stones.

Story Stones - How would you be able to show proof of the story about a story stone? Is there a written account that can be pointed at, or just tradition in the local area? Or maybe the giant left indents in the stone when he squeezed it for the throw. What can we see for proof?

Milestones - Is the information carved in the stone, or a sign attached to the stone? These would be nice to see.

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Story Stones I can't argue with the lacking of actual proof of the story being truth or just the logwriters own imagination. But there is a bit of the log charm, these stories is often written in old books about the local area and can rarely be found on the web.


After writing my suggestion yesterday, I thought about those runestones that Sweden have all over the place, there you have written stories ON them :D and that is a really tru StoryStone. But if runestones includes into any other category, I can't figure out on my own. I have searched for the old LC that included runestones and I can't find it. Some search help there would be really nice.

If RuneStones is better off by it self as an own category I can't decide on my own.


For runestones and stonesettings/-circles and other similar ancient stones and buidlings, we have a website for search and show on maps (site own by the public authority that preserve our historic buidlings) but actual photographs are not included but you can read about them and see where they are located on googlemaps.


Milestones in Sweden These stones have markings on them, sometimes even a little story and the year it was risen. If you search for some time (not done quickly) on the site I mentioned above, you can find information about the logged stone there.

But logging a milestone should have a picture that can show the stone both the entire stone with foundation and the markings/story that is marked on it, if possible. The markings can sometimes be almost invisible to read as they are overgrown with moss, so the requirement for logging can only be, 'photo of entire stone'.


Kind Regards / Angélique

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This seems to be three entirely different Categories not one or two!

Milestones , Rune Stones & Sacred / boulders/ or Legend Stones


1. Mile Stones

Here is a Wikipedia link for Milestones




types would make great variables


there are even milestones in America




Gee I would like to have a Wayweiser or Way-wiser made by Benjamin Franklin!


2. Rune stones

One for Rune Stones



3. Legend or Sacred Story Stones

Finally Sacred Story boulders/Stones or wimble stones or Legend Stones


Web Sites could additional show proof of Story/Legend/Wimble Stones like these:












and in Peru on the way from the quarry to the temple there are dozens of enormous stones that people know as " tired stones" because it is believed that they could never be transported to their destination


As skulls and ribs are the skeletons of men, those sacred Story/Boulder Legend Stones are the skeletons of civilizations. We stand in awe before them; those civilisations, and ours, have lasted so much longer than the lives of their citizens that we feel small, short- lived, and insignificant. We haven't been here when our own civilization started, and, with luck, we won't be here when it ends. We are little thin removable bookmarks between the pages. One could almost envy the stones, which are practically immortal. They must see us as we see butterflies who live for a few hours or days and are gone.



All these links suggest some great variables.

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Thanks for input and the great links!

I was so "in my own thought" that I didn't think about searching the wikipeda site :unsure:


Yes, it might be better to set up 2 more category-topics, sorry, I am so new at this Waymarking structure that I forgot it while my thoughts of my beloved stones went beserk. :laughing:


Is there any description to read about what you should, if possible, think about before I want to create a new category? I might have been to early to create this topic ... :lol:

And how does this group moderators work, that handle the category? Is that written down anywhere? :unsure:


More input please, keep the good ideas coming! :lol:



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Instead of clicking on forums at the top of the page click on the link for help, that brings you to this page


These topics should give you a good base to start. Then create a group, My suggestion for you would be to start with the Rune Stones Category. ( As that is what you talked about most in your post, the second one I would create if I were you would be the Legend /Stroy Stone and finally the Milestones Category

With the links I provided you should be able to narrow the Categories down so that people know exactly what you are looking for. Furthermore it looks like each of these Categories could accomodate hundreds of these stones/ Be they Milestones, Rune Stones, or Story/Legend Stones.

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Well if you set it up it does not appear in the recruiting section for newly created Categories, there are 343 of them there and Rune Stones is not one of them, possibly you have not turned onthe join button. Once you do please provide a link here for those interested to navigate to your group easily.

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