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State Hiders Needed for Cache Across America

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The Cache Across America thread has grown so large that I thought it would be best to post this in a new topic.


As many of you already know, the Cache Across America series is nearing completion. There are currently 42 states in the series hidden and there are a few more coming very soon. As expected, for various reasons, some states that are not currently hidden have come available again. We need folks who are willing to hide a cache representing their state for the following five states...



North Dakota





These are the only states currently available.


These should be regular sized standard caches with fairly easy difficulty and terrain. They should be in a cool location that you want to show to others visiting your state. We use a standard look and template for these caches. We want hiders that they will make certain they will have adequate permission for these hides but at the same time, I would very much like to see this series completed in the next few weeks so please let another person volunteer if you don't feel you could do a hide for quite some time.


See samples of other caches hidden for the series here.


See the evolution of the idea on the original thread here.


Thanks to all for your help in this fun project!

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Blue Power Ranger, when you posted awhile back in the Northwest forums that you were looking for a Montana cacher, I had some questions and concerns based on the thread about this series. I understood you to say at that time that you had started discussing such matters via e-mail, so I tried to contact you directly to express interest in placing the Montana cache after we had a chance to go over the details. I did not get a response, and shortly afterwards you announced that you had found someone to handle the state.


But if you are now interested in my offer it still stands. I'll let you contact me this time. There's the link on my profile page, or you could just write me directly at gmail.com, oddly enough at the username 'yumitori'.



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Hello -


I don't want people to think I haven't been watching this thread. I have - but went out caching last night. :)


I am going to try and answer people's responses all in one reply -


1 - We now have BeachBuddies taking care of Virginia. They should have all the info on the page by now.


2 - yumitori - you should have an email waiting for you regarding Montana - let us know if you don't get it.


3 - Colorado Cacher - Colorado is up and running and looks like it is in a beautiful location


4 - Geo-Dora - We really appreciate your offer. Due to the nature of this series, and needing it to be up and running for VERY long time, we really need to be sticking to the Geocaching.com guidelines for caches and this would count as a vacation cache for you, which we can't do. If someone contacts us through this thread or email, that says they live there and would be willing to keep it up for you if you hid it, we will contact you again - THANKS again!


5 - adjensen - you should have an email waiting for you regarding North Dakota


6 - Hula Bum - we would love to hear from a contact you have in Hawaii if they are interested - we are happy to talk to them and answer any questions they may have.


To sum it all up - If everyone we have emailed ends up wanting to do their state, and if we can find someone in Hawaii - we may be ready to rock and roll again! :P


We will keep everyone updated!!

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