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Upstate South Carolina Geocachers Geocoin

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Our club, the Upstate South Carolina Geocachers Association will be ordering geocoins in just a couple of weeks. We have about 80 coins left that are not spoken for. I thought I would offer those coins here.


Here are the details:

Trackable with custom icon

250 total made

1 7/8" Diameter

3mm Thickness

Luminous Color on back (yellow upstate area)


Quantity Minted of each metal:

5 Antique gold (sold out)

70 Satin silver (less than 10 remaining)

75 members only Black Nickel (sold out)

100 Antique Bronze (less than 40remaining)


$9.00 each including shipping.


If you are interested in getting one of the few remaining coins, please send an email to:

uscgacoin@gmail.com and include the following information:


Geocaching.com Nickname:

Real Name:

Paypal Address:

Shipping Address:

No. of Antique Bronze coins:

No. of Satin Silver coins:


I wil send you a PayPal invoice in the order that your email was received. Once the coins are sold out I will make a post in this thread.


I plan on ordering the coins on October 23rd. The mint (oakcoins) says to allow 3 weeks to get them to me, and they will begin shipping immediately after arriving. The artworks and sample pics are below. The difference between the samples and the artwork is the "Man holding the GPS" and the USCGA are black instead of metal color. The coins will be black just like the samples.




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There's only 13 "Bronze w/glow in the dark" coins left!


To make in interesting, the two people that buy the last two coins will receive a FREE Black Nickel coin that is also trackable, but has a serial number and has glow in the dark colors on both sides. This coin has not been and will not be sold to anyone other than USCGA members.

Here's a pic of the sample.




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Thanks for all of the orders folks!

The Pre-Sale is over! All coins have been spoken for.

The last 10 antique bronze coins did not sell, so I am going to buy 10 extra Satin Nickel coins instead of bronze. There are several people wanting them, so I'll try to get each of you at least one. I will email those of you on the list when the coins arrive.


I had planned on placing my order on the 23rd, but since they sold out so fast, I will place the order tomorrow!

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I just realized an error in the initial post. I didn't notice this until I placed the order for the coins. The coin Daimeter is 1 5/8" (42mm) NOT 1 7/8" like the post says. :laughing:


This is my first time making coins and in the midst of the confusion, I mistakenly typed the diameter wrong. I apologize for the misleading post, it was not intentional. If you ordered a coin, but no longer want them now, please email me and I will refund your money.



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The coins have been made and the mint is waiting on the tracking numbers from Groundspeak. They should receive them tomorrow and then the engraving process can begin. After that the coins should be ready to ship to me. I hope to have them by the middle of next week. :tired:


<insert "snoopy dance" smiley here>

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Were any going to be available at the USCGA meeting on Dec 2nd?

I will have a few coins available for trading at the meeting, but there won't be any for sale. :anicute:

You know I've got all kinds of coins to trade! I heard you were looking for some of the UOTrackers differnet metals? Do you have any of the Satin Silver left?

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