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Bound for the Eastern Cape


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OK. Plans are in the works.


The TB train will be leaving on Tuesday bound for the seldom heard from EC! If any hitchers are catching this chain out there, they need to get to me by no later than Monday night (16/10/06.


I stay in the Wynberg section of Cape Town, for your reference. PM or SMS if you need to get logistical info from me.


A big thanks to the non-geocacher for playing shipping container on this route!!! <_<



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OK, as I type this there are 8 race TB's jetting off to the Eastern Cape and one flipflop TB for the good times out there!


Big thanks to ZAlandyman and Globalrat for going the extra mile/kilometer to get some bugz in place. Now for the rondevou out there.....

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I am planning on going to PE on Saturday 28 October. I will pick up all the race TBs and bring them back to Gauteng (unless otherwise instructed by owners). This might be in violation of Rule #17 so GlobalRat must approve it.


Seeker Two




No violation. If possible, try and place the TB's in different caches. Alternatively get them into a high traffic cache so that they can disperse quickly and continue with the race.


Thanks to everyone's efforts in getting the TB's to PE and hopefully out again. Should open things up and give a few more TB's a fighting chance to finish the race and who knows, perhaps even win.

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My flight is booked for the 28th October to PE. Will bring back the bugs to Gauteng and so hopefully all the bugs may have time to complete all required pitstops.


Will the bugs all be in How Green Is My Valley??

Vespax has been in contact with Perdix... so we hope so!


<crackle>.........<crackle>........Perdix......<crackle>.......Perdix........<crackle>...... ;)

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Still waiting to hear from him. I may have to break down and use that old thing called a telephone to coordinate this!!!!! :laughing:


I can confirm that the TB's have landed. :laughing: The non-geocacher gave me some bad looks when I walked into the terminal today with arms full of TB's! But in the end she took them along. How could she deny all those cute toys in plastic baggies? ;)


I will post when they get to the cache...... hopefully...... otherwise I might have single-handily screwed the whole 2006 race for most people. Mines not in the lot though, so I am safe to win! :laughing:

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The Eagle(s) have landed.


Well I don't know what look she gave Vespax when he asked her, but she was most sprightly when I picked them up from her :laughing:


I now have in my possession 8 race TBs:


GM Tortoise (2 more pitstops to visit after HGIMV),

Rabid Rooster (1 more to visit),

Simply the Best (7 more to visit),

Demon Sheep (4 more to visit),

Kayak Racer (1 more to visit),

Dude (1 more to visit),

Cash Bug (4 more to visit),

(edited to add) Office Croc (2 more to visit)


Question time: Do all the owners want me to place the TBs in HGIMV for pickup by Seeker2, or should I disperse them a bit? I am open to bribes persuasion. :unsure:

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