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Picture Perfect Postcard Category

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That sounds like a cool category. I would suggest to ask for more than one pic, not just the one with the postcard in it. Just like the gps debate, the postcard could ruin a perfectly good landscape picture. And also, if it's a beautiful scene or view, it would be hard to get the postcard in it without just puting it in front of the camera and covering a lot of the picture. Also, if people are not careful, they could put the poscard in the pic and then step back so far that you don't see the postcard enough to compare it.


I just read the description in your link, so if there was more info in the category or you have thought about all of these things, don't mind me. :)

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!I like this idea!

A thought for the group: If I have a postcard with Niagara Falls and a rainbow in the falls. Do I have to have a rainbow in my picture? It was cloudy for three days while I was there. (I was never there, but I wish I was.)

The same question goes with a Full Moon reflection off the water of a lake or beach front, or over a mountain.

Sometimes, it's that temporary phenomenon that makes the picture.


Check out: http://www.jibjab.com/jokebox/jokebox/jibj...31/jokeid/47986

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