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What is the right thing to do?

MDARS Hunter

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I have read some of the discussions on collecting and trading of Geocoins, but I'm new at this and this may be a dumb question. I recently hunted down a cache that had a plastic covered paper that said this Geocoin was making it's way to some destination. In a plastic cover were two items. A very nice round coin with a multicolor picture on it and a small square coin. Both of these had the same tracking number on them. I left them as I found them. Two days later I wanted to drop off a travel bug and decided to place it in the same cache. Mainly because I was in a hurry and knew exactly where this one was. I noticed that the larger round coin was now missing from the package and that no one else had logged a visit since mine. The question is: Did some one rip off a coin? Was whoever left it there supposed to leave both coins? Did I miss the opportunity to start my own collection? What is the right thing to do?

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If the coin was activated then YES it was stolen from a cache. And NO you didn't miss a chance to start your own collection. Some coins are left in caches unactivated and are intended for another finder to keep them. Activated coins (like the ones you mentioned) were released with the intent to travel from cache to cache. Sadly, there are many lame coin thieves who just don't get geocaching or the meaning of trust.

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