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Waymarking 2.0 Released!

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After many late nights and Hot Pockets consumed, we're pleased to announce the next major update to Waymarking.com. Most of the changes are aesthetic and focused on improved site navigation, but we've also added a few features which have been requested by many of you. We'll continue to add new features and improve your Waymarking experience in the future. Thanks for your support thus far, and happy Waymarking! :anicute:



  • Category limit increased to a maximum of 10 categories per Premium Member
  • Ignore List added for Premium Members
  • Exclude your found waymarks from searches
  • .LOC downloads from search results
  • "News" page added for viewing archived news updates
  • Waymarking stats box added to profile page (click to generate code)
  • Pending categories now remain in Peer Review after voting - users can edit their votes for the duration of
  • Peer Review
  • Regions added to waymark search results when available (Ex. British Columbia, Canada)
  • Major backend redesign for increased site performance and stability
  • New two-column format to increase available real estate on each page
  • Site navigation moved to tabs along the top of the page
  • Tabs added to category creation and edit page



Most My Page links are now gathered in one place (right column)

  • New: Featured waymark list
  • New: Ignore List
  • New: Unfinished Waymarks list (saved but not submitted)


  • Mouse-over images for larger preview added (optional for dialup users)
  • Search by location sorts gallery image results

Waymark Page

  • Waymark detail page redesign with more focus on gallery images
  • Logging requirements visible on waymark detail page
  • Image upload from the waymark submission page
  • Waymark owner can now set a log image as default for the waymark
  • Added character count for short and long description textboxes


  • Can now designate a successor when stepping down from Group leadership position
  • Groups may be deleted if you have no category assigned and no Group members
  • Comment box and approve/deny buttons moved to waymark detail page for one-step waymark review
  • Tabs added to Group detail page


  • "You are here" and location filter combined in one search field
  • Google maps added including geocoded address search
  • Clickable map icons for current page of search results
  • Scroll and click searching from map center
  • Origins renamed to "Saved Searches" with enhanced functionality
  • Search options enhanced: sort by images, distance, found, date submitted


  • Disallowed HTML in the short category description (check to make sure your desc. is correct if you've done this)
  • Popularity Filter replaced by ignore list functionality
  • Upgrade/Downgrade feature discontinued for redesign
  • Auto-Approve no longer an option for category managers
  • Removed plural/singular naming of categories (lighthouse/lighthouses)
  • Advanced search page rendered obsolete by enhanced searching on the main page

Major Bug Fixes

  • Officers can now see a private message from waymark submitter as well as the leader
  • Fixed a bug where multiple dropdown variables in a category resulted in impossible variable combinations (you'd know if this affected you)
  • Fixed refresh issue when clicking "Back" button on paged search results
  • Fixed bug which prevented officers with "edit variable" permissions from editing category variables

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