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United We Stand - Canada * US

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After marrying a Canadian and living in Canada for 13 years I use this symbol to represent my family and life.


Posing here because I hadn't seen many Canadian orders.


Canada * United States – United We Stand



Pre-Sale has begun!!


Price of the coins will be US$8.50 s/h included! The price will be the same for shipping to United States or Canada (please email for shipping cost world wide). Also if there is anyone out there I would be more than happy to give a discount price for purchases of 10 or more coins.



Size: 1.5"

Thickness: 3mm

Metal: Silver and Gold (quantity of each will depend on pre-sales)

Trackable: www.geocaching.com

Icon: Yes something like this starflag-32b.jpg

Comments: 2D with color front and back.

Activation codes: codes will be available at www.CoinCodes.com


If you are interested in reserving a copy please send an email to mike@atwell.com

(All those who contacted me earlier please resend so I can get additional information, thanks.)



Copy and paste this into the email;

Subject: GEOCOIN

Geo Nick:

Real Name:


Paypal Address:

Email Address:



Here are the steps I will be following from now until shipping:

1. Post add in forum for pre-sales (October 5)

2. Pre-Production Sample posted to forum (on or about October 23)

3. Invoice those interested in purchasing (on or about October 23)

4. Receive payment

5. Ship coins early to mid November

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