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gbes rally coins are in and ready to ship!


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gbes geocachers, nevada's oldest geocaching group, is pleased to announce that the 2006 gbes rally coins are now in stock and ready for shipment!


orders for which payment has already been received will be mailed monday, oct. 8.


there are a very limited number of coins left!


the coins are trackable on gc.com and have the gbes logo as the coin's icon.


if you'd like to see what the coin's icon (which is the gbes "the petro-dude" against the "silver state") looks like in actual application go here.


too get another look at the coin go here.


the image on the coin's obverse is the petro dude and silver state in 3-dimension and the reverse is a map image of the 2006 gbes geocaching and navigational rally courses in 2-dimension. both sides are rope-edged and covered with protective epoxy.


the coins are $10 each, $1.00 shipping for the first coin and .50 for each additional coin, domestic shipping, with a limit of 10 coins. for canadian or overseas orders contact dale_harding@sbcglobal.netfor shipping fees.


make paypal payments to our account: gbesevents@gmail.com


paypal users add $.60 for the first coin and .30 for each additional coin.


mail orders to:


gbes geocachers

po box 307

sparks, nv 89432-0307


payments made with money orders or cashiers checks will be sent upon reciept of payment.


payments made with personal checks will be shipped when the check clears the bank.


thank you for supporting gbes!


monty wolf (dr. of rockology)

gbes geocachers, president

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Got mine but where do I activate it at?


help me pleace


I have one of these too, there should have been a little slip of paper that came with your coin that has two series of characters on it?? If you go on the geocoin page under trackable items, there is an option "to activate your coin" I believe one of the series is your coin number(the same number that is on your coin) and the other one is your activation number. From what memory I have left I think it pretty much takes you through the process from there. I hope this helps :ph34r:

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