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Where do i buy geocoins?

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You can also buy individual unactivated, trackable Geocoins on eBay; however, you may pay more for them than they are worth IMO. Some are being sold by cachers who are reducing collections, most seem to be sold by speculators who sign up to buy them when they're made, then re-sell at a profit.


If you DO opt to purchase a Geocoin there, make sure that:

1. the coin is clearly listed as being unactivated

2. the seller is reputable (check the feedback listings)

3. the pictures for the auction don't reveal the coin's tracking code.


Also, if you're new to eBay, make sure to check the shipping charges before bidding; some unscrupulous sellers make their money by selling at low prices and jacking up the shipping. (Worst example of that I've seen was a jacket worth about $25 at the most - it was used - which was listed at $2.00 but had a $50.00 fee listed for UPS Ground shipping!)

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