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What do you think of this for a travel item?


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That is crazy. I usually don't know the stories of TB's when I pick them up, this one would be a surprise for sure.


It seems like people are getting into it based on the photos.


Overall, I think it a cool idea, if not a bit odd.


I would participate in it.

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Did anyone other than me bother to decode the rot-13 encrypted part of the description?


Yep. I'm not sure I find it funny. I'm also suprised at the number of people who don't seem to have bothered to read the encrypted note.... then again, it's labeled as a "dedication", which implies that it's encrypted because it's personal.


<removed spoiler space because I realized that following replies make the space useless>



"Yes, this is a joke. Uncle Elwyn came from a Barenaked Ladies skit while on concert and be heard on their 1996 release "Rock Spectacle". Yes, I know this is morbid can and not funny. Yes, I know I am a bad bad Geocacher for doing this. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but then we went past the point of no return."

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No worse than my wife's father sitting on a shelf in our closet, because regulations where he wished to be put won't allow us to comply with his wishes. (After her mom joins him, we figure "screw the rules). And make it 76 watching, if he comes this way, I'll make a trip to the Angelina Forest to let him camp there also.

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Since it's a spoof, why not? I think it's funny, though my sense of humor has been called into question before. I agree, the glass container does make me nervous.


Actually I'd have no problem with real cremains either, but I'm like that.

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Even if it was real, I don't have a problem with this. A little odd, perhaps, but it isn't like it is unsanitary - you aren't (hopefully) sticking your fingers in it. [<_<]



Either way, it's hilarious. I just wish I'd thought of it. <_<

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I did not decrypt it, so that adds an interesting spin on this whole thing. I still think it is kinda neat, but also never considered that he could end up in the back of someone's Jeep with other lost travel bugs or worse stolen - yikes! <_< I would probabably not trust myself with the poor guy (if it was real) I tend to lose pens, sunglasses and other assorted geocaching things on my travels being the klutz that I am, and he would probably end up in a bog somewhere. <_<

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No worse than my wife's father sitting on a shelf in our closet, because regulations where he wished to be put won't allow us to comply with his wishes.


I have a friend whose mother put HER mother's cremains under the seat of the car, saying "Well, she always complained she never got to go anywhere, now she can travel around." (I gather that they'd always had something of a turbulent relationship. )


When she, in turn, passed on a few years later, he put both sets of cremains side by side on the mantelpiece so the two of them could continue to squabble....


No, I am NOT making this up!


Yes, my friend inherited his twisted sense of humor from his mother. :anibad:

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