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Sculpture Garden Managers - officer, anyone?

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I've created the Sculpture Garden Managers group and need some officers if anyone is interested. Thanks everyone for your comments when I proposed the group. The category would be in the Art section of the directory. Following is a category description and the requirements for placing a waymark that I've worked up:


Detailed Description

Sculpture Gardens, also known as Sculpture Parks, are public, private, corporate or even institutional collections (such as those found at universities) of sculpture displayed in an outdoor setting.


Accessibility to the art is a fundamental goal of these art gardens. In contrast to interior exhibitions, frequently held in pristine white rooms with unsmiling guards lurking around every corner, sculpture parks offer the visitor an open, natural space in which to approach the work and become acquainted with it from every possible viewpoint. The air of exclusivity is lost and many who may not otherwise feel comfortable in galleries or museums have the opportunity to experience great art, often free of charge.


Sculpture in the open air engages the viewer. It is approachable and encourages interaction and contemplation. Sculpture has left the building.


PlacingThe garden must be designated as a sculpture garden/park and have at least 5 sculptures in it to be listed. A park or garden that happens to have sculpture in it is NOT a sculpture garden. The main goal is to find out where these places are located so I’m not going to require much of you to place the mark. To place a waymark you must give coordinates of the garden’s entrance and your own photo of the entrance sign that states that the garden is a sculpture garden (no GPS please.) If the sign does not specify the garden as a sculpture garden you must prove to the group somehow that said garden is expressly for sculpture (such as a website).


These variables are optional, but please take the time to make your waymark as informative as possible: Address, hours, admission fee (if any), photo of a favorite sculpture within the park, location (if the garden is within a larger park or museum complex), website, parking coordinates, owner of park (city, museum, college, etc.)

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ooooh I wanna play. I missed the earlier conversation, and frankly, I hadn't heard of this idea before (which amazes me, as I have a lot of background with rock gardens, and gardens in general, and art in general--such as a major in Science Biology and a minor in Art History!)

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